Meet ZUMA (ZAP Universal Mobile Access)!

Recently, ZAP has released its new technology (ZUMA) to its customers. This technology is unique because it gives mobile testers a new way of working with applications in the Cloud. One of the challenges of today’s mobile testing industry is the installation of AUT’s on devices. Platforms such iOS make this even more difficult, as it has closed off systems that rarely allow open access to its code. The methods to face these challenges have been to either jailbreak/root the device or to instrument it.

Jailbreaking/rooting is a risky process involving third party “hacking” of the device that provides a bridge into the platform in order to upload third party applications to bypass official approval. This method is not always available from vendors due to the modification of third party systems and reluctance of enterprises to use this method for official testing of their applications.

Alternatively, instrumentation is a risk-free process, but it has its own pitfalls. Originally, in order to instrument a device, the source code of the application needed to be recompiled. This puts elements in play that causes strain in communication between development teams and is viewed by some organizations as a large threat to application security and performance.

To combat all of the shortcomings of these two primary methods, ZAP Technologies has introduced ZUMA (ZAP Universal Mobile Access) to its customer base. This revolutionary solution solves the main challenge of uploading applications to devices in the Cloud and completely eliminates any need for instrumentation and jailbreaking/rooting with a unique Drag-And-Drop AirUpload method of installing apps. ZUMA is currently available as part of ZAP Technologies’ product zapFARM or as a standalone licensed package.

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