ZAPTEST Mobile Application Testing Suite Steals the Show at StarEast Convention in Orlando!

May 1 and 2, Orlando, Florida – As has been tradition for the past several years, ZAP Technologies has attended the famous STAREAST Conference in Orlando to showcase its products and solutions to the Application and QA Testing community. STAREAST is a part of the STAR family of conferences, recognized as the leader in the software testing industry for over 20 years. In this conference, we unveiled zapGEN (ZAP Generator), our newest, innovative, and market-changing performance testing product in the ZAPTEST Suite (ZAP-fiX, zapFARM, and zapGEN). Our booth sported a high level of interest, and many professionals expressed their excitement in seeing zapGEN hit the shelves.

Just a few days prior, we hosted a webinar about zapGEN with exciting live demonstrations and in-depth explanations of how this product will revolutionize performance testing in the modern mobile application ecosystem. Thank you to everyone who attended this jam-packed webinar!

What is the ZAPTEST Product Suite?

ZAPTEST is a suite of solutions for modern test automation. It includes ZAP-fiX, zapGEN, and zapFARM for functional testing, test automation, performance testing, and Mobile hosting services.

What is ZAP-fiX?

ZAP-fiX (ZPX) is a software-only solution designed to extend a desktop tester's environment to test ALL Mobile, Windows, Mac, and UNIX platforms. This includes platforms such as iOS, Android, WinMo, and Blackberry and applications such as Flex, Flash, Silverlight and other modern technologies.

ZAP-fiX is designed to extend all cross-platform test automation, manual testing, performance testing, and Agile testing processes. This product seamlessly integrates with HP Unified Functional Test (QuickTest Pro, Business Process Test), ALM and Quality Center (Sprinter), Performance Center and LoadRunner, and APM built-in functionalities for Mobile and Cross-Platform testing to provide the most revolutionary, flexible, and adaptable testing solution on the market.

ZAP-fiX includes 100% context-sensitive object recognition in supported environments along with universal configuration of Devices Under Test (DUT) that offer manual and automated testing in the Cloud.

What is zapFARM?

zapFARM offers hosted services for Mobile Devices Under Test (DUT). This solution offers the flexibility of a hosted, secured, dedicated Cloud to customer-managed Devices Under Test (DUT). ZAP provides hosted device support on zapFARM using its revolutionary ZAP Universal Mobile Access (ZUMA) technology. ZUMA allows zapFARM customers to upload Mobile Applications Under Test (AUTs) on Devices Under Test (DUTs) with neither jaibreaking/rooting nor instrumentation.

zapFARM extends full Mobile Application Lifecycle Management for functional, automated, and performance testing, thus allowing distribution teams to perform testing around the clock. In addition, zapFARM completely eliminates the time, complexity and logistics of acquiring, maintaining, updating and adding to your mobile device inventory as your application platforms change or expand!

What is zapGEN?

zapGEN (ZAP Generator) is a performance testing software-only solution that offers end-users the flexibility of cross-platform testing for Mobile applications on real devices and emulators. zapGEN allows instant execution of functional tests using HP ALM and QTP with ZAP-fiX for load testing. End-users can execute singular scripts on any platform (iOS, Android, WinMo, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, and UNIX).


(ZAP Smart Analysis) technology offers end-users to perform root-cause analysis based on the industry’s latest Mobile application development and testing trends. Now, ZASA offers an analysis of performance and scalability testing for Systems Under Load (SUL) based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the application’s transaction response time that is associated with various Mobile operating systems and can even drill down to detailed information about a singular device.

zapGEN offers the option to view the execution of performance tests live using zapGEN Viewers and the flexibility to analyse performance based on ZAP and third party monitors.

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