Bridge Building for Success with ZAP-fiX!

Building a successful mobile application can be likened to building a perfect bridge to an isolated island. A successful bridge must be able to withstand many pressures from its surroundings, including variables such as climate. Of course, even if the bridge falls, it can be rebuilt. But, the setback of spending time on rebuilding and reconstructing can be harrowing.

Every day, test automation teams build bridges to reach new islands. New superhighways must be built at demanding speeds so that all islands can be interconnected and easily accessible to the average tourist. Device Under Test (DUT) is a crucial component of this, but in today’s testing environment, it is severely limited.

Flying on Rooftops - A New Tool for Cross-Browser Application Testing

Creating a perfectly up-to-date application in the market can be compared to climbing a long set of stairs to reach the top of a building. Just when everything has been fixed to accept the latest version updates, a stair falls out from under our feet, hindering our progress towards our goal.

Engineering teams today face some of the greatest challenges yet because they have to make sure that their code is valid and working across all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Developing an application like this is a herculean effort, but testing it on a living, breathing, and ever-changing environment of browsers is definitely the hardest part of trying to build a strong, reliable stairway.

Real Devices - the ZAP Solution

Mobile is the future.

The web hosts an endless valley of opportunity. Even though there are already seemingly countless horizons explored on the internet, there are still many more to be discovered. One of these is the frontier called "mobile". Although the word "mobile" brings up an image of a cell phone or tablet device, it is a word that should go hand in hand with "web". Starting from web design and spanning all the way across to mobile applications, the internet encompasses it all. Whether you are a web designer or an applications developer, you will, at some point, run across the challenges of the current times.

The Mobile Application Revolution

The Internet has become a globalized world of communication, information and entertainment. The ability to access the internet and internet resources from pocket devices and providing new levels of mobility, no matter the location, has become an end user expectation and is no longer viewed as a technological luxury. As an industry, we are on the cusp of a revolution in mobile computing and application development which has the potential to completely reset expectations of how companies and organizations operate internally and how they are perceived externally.

This global network of customers, employees, suppliers, and partners are demanding more from business organizations. With every new mobile application system, user expectations are changing on how available information needs to be packaged and delivered and how the efficiencies from these modern systems enable new levels of productivity and fresh routes to market.

Top 7 Quality Issues With Mobile Applications

"Is there an app for that?" And more often than not, there is. However, what happens when "an app for that," turns into "don't download that..."?

As each new quarter turns out better, stronger, faster smart phones, tablets and computers, so come the better, stronger and faster applications--or so it seems.

Our customers tell us time and time again that mobile applications are not tested enough, so much in fact that we have identified the Top 7 Quality Issues with mobile applications and how these issues can easily be addressed and solved. In a world where 70 percent of major businesses applications need mobile applications and 48 percent of revenue from mobile applications is directly related to experience, poor functioning mobile applications are, if we may be so bold to say, unacceptable.

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