ZAP Technologies Announces Record Results and Releases for the Next Generation Solution Set

Revenue from Mobile Application testing grows 350%. Company announces solution to validate applications on real devices.

ATLANTA, Ga., August 9, 2011-- ZAP Technologies Inc., the industry leader in Mobile Application Testing, announces record results for the last twelve months of operation. Company revenue leaped 350% as global 2000 organizations rise to adopt mobile applications into their IT strategic plans. ZAP Technologies has also experienced record maintenance revenue, with 95% of customers entering into long term partnerships with the company.

ZAP-fiX Makes Incredible Impact at HP Discover!

It has been exactly one week since HP Discover 2011 ended in Las Vegas. In our last installment, we spoke of ZAP technologies and its participation in this large-scale event. Now, we are here to share the news of our success and the incredible impact that ZAP-fiX made on hundreds of visitors at the show. According to HP’s statistics, ZAP technologies received the highest number of leads out of the lengthy list of Elite Partners in attendance!

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who visited us at our booth and attended our track session: “Application Transformation: How HP Customers are Modernizing Applications to Include Mobile Apps”. Our nightly ZAP Parties were also a huge success! We were excited and honored to share our evenings with all those who participated, and we appreciate all the wonderful feedback we received regarding the entertainment and performances.

ZAP-fiX Celebrates Success at HP Discover Las Vegas!

In our last installment, we discussed ZAP-fiX and its participation in the large scale event called HP Discover that will be hosted in Las Vegas. Now we would like to invite you to join us in spending your evenings with ZAP-fiX in our nightly parties.

Every night from June 6th through the 9th, we will be hosting magnificent evenings of entertainment including beverages, music, and Cirque du Soleil style performances. These events will be hosted at the Palazo – a beautiful hotel and resort located on the Strip.

ZAP an APP - Stay on Track

In a world that often leaves us breathless; from stress, demand, and the pressure of staying on top of the wave, our main source of oxygen is information. If we don’t know something or are unclear about how we can solve an unusual problem – we often rush to consult the internet, where countless search engines await our inquiries.

Where we used to crowd in the library for access to books and references, we now open up internet browsers and easily find the information we seek in online encyclopedias. Facing a challenge? It no longer takes guessing and endless rummaging through pages of un-needed information just to find what you need. Simply type your question into the internet browser, and you will be relieved to see that you are not the first to face the problem at hand. Forums and blogs sit ready with answers to all sorts of questions – both as profound as the meaning of the cosmos, and as common as the proper way to hold a knife while slicing a head of cabbage.

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