ZAPTEST System Requirements and Description

ZAPTEST Cross-Platform Functional and Performance testing tool


Version: 20.2.27

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 1.5 GB
  • Libraries:
    • .Net Framework 4.7.1


ZAPTEST 20.2.27 (Release Date - October 07, 2020)
New Features:
• Added *.ZAPX file format (Unpacked ZAP: file + folder).
• Added new object property "Font Size Calibration". It correlates with the ability of OCR engine to compile words:
- "Inherit" - uses the value of a parent object (View / Parent object);
- "Default" - uses default value for selected language;
- "Small", "Large", "Custom" - sets a custom value;
• Added ability to create "Comments" in Views of a Recorded Scenario.
• Added support for iOS 13.7.
• Added "Summary" tab to LOAD results:
- Overall method invocations;
- Total Passed/Failed steps;
- Chart with total/passed/failed steps over a time + data table.
• Added new API method: ExecuteAndCleanResources:
- Clears system memory immediately after receiving response;

• Fixed issue around "Appearance" property.
• Fixed issue with LOAD generator (possible stop of the working thread).
• Fixed issue with generating charts on results pages > 1 (load test results).
• Improved logic around Unique test data allocation mode.
• Fixed issue with scanning a view from FullScreen mode (Scenario Recorder).


ZAPTEST 20.2.4 (Release Date - July 16, 2020)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS 13.6


ZAPTEST 20.2.3 (Release Date - July 08, 2020)
• Updated status codes (including tooltips): Passed (0), Failed (1), Warning (2), and Information (3)
• Fixed issue with saving and loading raw-request data parameters (API Studio).
• Fixed report generation issue when the parameter value is out of expected values (0-3).


ZAPTEST 20.2.0 (Release Date - June 23, 2020)
New Features:
• Added new feature: "Step Emulator". It allows emulated script execution against repository views or external images.
• Added new "View" property: "Step Emulator Images", Accepts external images (single or multiple separated by '|'). Uses random selection for multiple images.

• Fixed issue with result numbering (method description).
• Fixed issue with selecting application object from a third-party script (Exception Handling configuration dialog).
• Fixed issue with reporting exception handling trigger actions in M-RUN mode.
• Fixed issue with parent size scalability when a child object is inside of an area object.


ZAPTEST 20.1.0 (Release Date - June 04, 2020)
New Features:
• Added new method ValidateBitmap.
• Added API-REC feature (API Proxy Recording).
• Added transaction definition in API-REC.
• Added automatic script generation after recording with API-REC (scripted and script-less).
• Added new methods for API object: ExtractResponseValue and ExtractResponseValueRegExp.
• Added API Correlation Manager feature.
• Added new methods:
- Zap.Common.RegExpMatch;
- SetReplaceRule;
- SetReplaceRuleSuffixPrefix;
- SetReplaceRuleRegExp.
• Added ability to import and export correlation rules.
• Added ability to use correlation manager for script-less projects.
• Added support for iOS 13.5.
• Added ability to highlight searched values (API Correlation Manager).

• Added additional status parameter for the following methods:
- Zap.Report.SetActiveSectionName;
- Zap.Report.SetIterationName.
• Improved coordinate recalculation during parent-size scalability calls.
• Fixed issue with Calendar detection (table object).
• Fixed issue with "GUI Map" object coordinate recalculations.
• Added ignoring SSL certs in API requests, if it is enabled in options.
• Fixed issue with loading project (with recorded scenario) when the audio device is unavailable.
• Added support for decompressing response body (gzip, deflate, br).
• Fixed issue with "Parent Size" scalability when the view is scanned on a display with different DPI.


ZAPTEST 20.0.0 (Release Date - April 13, 2020)
New Features:
• Added support for remote LOAD Generators.
• Added support for iOS 13.4.
• Added "Highlight" current object ("GUI Map") in a real application feature.
- Added context menu item per "GUI Map" object.

• Fixed issue with getting cell column position (GetCellColumn method).
• Fixed issue with script execution after changing object type.
• Improved image-based recognition performance.
• Fixed issue with stopping image-based detection process in case of a long detection duration.
• Updated "Rally" integration icons and texts.
• Improved communication between ZAPTEST engine and RDP connections.


ZAPTEST 19.7.1 (Release Date - February 28, 2020)
• Fixed minor issues with report generation.


ZAPTEST 19.7.0 (Release Date - February 19, 2020)
New Features:
• Added URL Scanner tool.
• Added ability to report results of Get* methods into results via optional "report" parameter.
• Added ability to use Set/Get Property methods for Area object.

• Added URL Scanner support for 32bit OSs.
• Fixed communication issue with JIRA server.
• Fixed issue with possible wrong object detection when Partial OCR property is set.
• Fixed issue getting average color information.
• Fixed issue with breakpoints (breakpoint could eventually disappear).
• Fixed issue with updating Free Edition datatable cell styles.
• Added "Ctrl+S" hotkey to LOAD tab.
• Disabled exception handling for ScrollTo method.
• Fixed issue with generating PDF result file:
- Possible failing report generation process due to the wrong index error;
- Possible wrong bookmarks indexes.
• Fixed issue with restoring window position when "Launch" method is used.
• Fixed issue with awaiting close operation of an application when "Launch" method is used.
• Added Left and Right Alt buttons in ZAP.Keys namespace.
• Fixed logic around triggering SLA Criteria parameters.


ZAPTEST 19.6.35 (Release Date - December 20, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS 13.3

• Fixed issue with clearing datatable row position which could cause a crash.
• Added ability to set output value for ZAP objects directly (Script-Less editor).
• Improved logic for selecting combobox items (Object Properties window).
• Fixed issue with restoring breakpoints after Runtest call.
• Fixed issue with restoring breakpoint after "Step In" command.
• Fixed issue with clearing selection after drag&drop script text copying.
• Fixed issue with cursor during selection.
• Fixed issue with getting RequestBody data (API objects).
• Fixed possible crash due to CLR stack overflow issue.
• Fixed stack issues around WinAPI calls.


ZAPTEST 19.6.30 (Release Date - November 26, 2019)
New Features:
• New LOAD Module (Beta version).
- Component for API load testing functionality.
• Added new methods:
- Zap.TestParameters.Key(int) (Returns key name by index);
- Zap.TestParameters.ToString() (Returns JSON data);
• New API Method:
- GetRequestBody() (Returns request body data).
• Added ability to use logical script blocks: Initial and Final.
• Added ability to use common "Test Data" across M-RUN and LOAD executions.
- Accessible in the Test Settings or in the VUser Data Allocation Settings (LOAD module).


ZAPTEST 19.6.22 (Release Date - November 06, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS 13.2.
• Added "Go To Line" feature:
- The feature is available via 1SCRIPT "Edit" -> "Go To Line..." menu item or "Ctrl+G" shortcut combination.


ZAPTEST 19.6.14 (Release Date - October 02, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS 13.0 and 13.1.


ZAPTEST 19.6.10 (Release Date - September 06, 2019)
• Fixed issue with locating image object position.
• Fixed possible crash on closing ZAPTEST when "API Studio Window" is closed.


ZAPTEST 19.6.8 (Release Date - August 29, 2019)
• Fixed issue with updating "Variable" step error state.
• Improved "runtest" method: fixed possible issues on switching scripts.
• Optimized character type delay method.
• Added ZAPTEST Free Edition behavior stats.
• Added SetLocalCharacterTypeDelay / SetRemoteCharacterTypeDelay methods.


ZAPTEST 19.6.4 (Release Date - August 15, 2019)
New Features:
• Updated API core part to use libCurl library.
• Updated GetExecutionTime method - added ability to request different time parameters:
- 0 - overall execution time (default);
- 1 - total transfer time;
- 2 - dns name lookup time;
- 3 - the time for all redirection steps;
- 4 - the time until the transfer start status;
- 5 - the time until the first byte is received;
- 6 - the time until the SSL handshake is completed;
- 7 - the time until connect status.

• Fixed issue with current datatable when using it in the "Runtest" method.
• Added showing "Upgrade ZAPTEST" button in case of any error occurs during "login" operation.
• Fixed issue with runtest method when script uses a shared repository.


ZAPTEST 19.6.0 (Release Date - August 09, 2019)
New Features:
• Redesigned script execution module: overall modularity memory and performance optimizations for:
- M-RUN Execution;
- Runtest calls.
• Added support for redirecting Input/Output streams of executed process.
• Added ability to set delays before and after type method (as a global parameter and per script execution, for LOCAL and REMOTE applications/screens). List of methods for programmatic usage:
- Zap.Keyboard.SetLocalBeforeTypeMethodDelay;
- Zap.Keyboard.SetLocalAfterTypeMethodDelay;
- Zap.Keyboard.SetRemoteBeforeTypeMethodDelay;
- Zap.Keyboard.SetRemoteAfterTypeMethodDelay;
• Added ability to set global delay between typing character. List of methods for programmatic usage:
- Zap.Keyboard.SetGlobalLocalCharacterTypeDelay;
- Zap.Keyboard.SetGlobalRemoteCharacterTypeDelay;
• Added support for iOS 12.4.

• Added ability to use Relative Paths for Shared Repositories.
• Fixed issue with importing excel file which is blocked by Office.
• Improved manual device (ZAPFARM) communications.
• Fixed issue with M-RUN execution when one or multiple devices are not connected yet.


ZAPTEST 19.5.5 (Release Date - July 17, 2019)
New Features:
• Added ability to compare Nullable and Boolean types using CheckList or CheckMemberResponse method:
- "Null" value can be checked by "<null>" const (CheckList);
- "True/False" values can be checked in any variation consts: "True", "TRUE", "true".

• Fixed possible crash after stopping execution process (making documentation and calling execution control methods). This crash occurs after installing all recent system updates.
• Fixed issue with importing datatable in M-RUN mode (in case of Runtest calls).
• Fixed possible crash on getting device application icons via ZAPFARM server.
• Fixed possible crash on getting update information from ZAPTEST server.


ZAPTEST 19.5.2 (Release Date - June 27, 2019)
• Fixed ZAPTEST Free Edition exception handling possibilities:
- Fixed issues with allowing to use RestartIteration and RestartTest.
• Fixed issue with restoring breakpoints after renaming objects.


ZAPTEST 19.5.0 (Release Date - June 25, 2019)
• Major build fixing ZAPTEST Free Edition modularity and looping possibilities.
• Implemented logic for canceling "Cut" operation by "Esc" button.
• Added extended object selection in Step View (by using checkboxes).
• Improved operation markers logic (M-RUN execution with Tree-View enabled).
• Fixed issue with showing Loop step information when "For" loop type is selected (Step Tree-View).


ZAPTEST 19.4.3 (Release Date - June 14, 2019)
New Features:
• Added "Tree View Step Mode" as alternative to the "Classic Step Mode".
• Added support for iOS 12.3.
• Added support for Android 9.0.

• Fixed ScrollTo method when iteration count is set to 1.
• Fixed Read-Only mode related issues.


ZAPTEST 19.3.20 (Release Date - May 08, 2019)
New Features:
• Added extended support for ZAPTEST Agent for Windows (agent version 1.0.0030 or later is required).
• Added application control (ZAPTEST Agent for Windows):
- Launch (for M-RUN and M-RUN Debug connections only);
- Close (for M-RUN and M-RUN Debug connections only);
- SetWindowLocation;
- SetWindowSize;
- SetWindowState;
- Get current application using "class" & "title" parameters.
• Added extended scan features (ZAPTEST Agent for Windows):
- "GUI Map" and "M-RUN Debug" controls provide additional information about the scanned window (on a remote device).
• Added support for "ZAP Viewer" extended navigation (ZAPTEST Agent for Windows):
- To use application control via "ZAP Viewer", add "[ZAP Viewer]" prefix to the Title property.
• Added asymmetric encryption for control communication layer between ZAPTEST and ZAPTEST Agent for Windows.
• Defined two M-RUN operation modes:
- Application Mode - when ZAPTEST fully controls remote machine (launch apps, set window locations, etc);
- Display Mode - when ZAPTEST works only with screen data (no particular application is supported via script).
• Added ability to import "Video Scenario" from another script.
• Added menu items to sidebar and "GUI Map" controls to add an object into different step positions (Step View).
• Added new methods (ZAP namespace):
- Zap.Common.GetFormattedDateValue;
- Zap.Common.GenerateRandomNumber;
- Zap.Common.GenerateRandomNumberAsString.
• Added new methods for getting runtime report steps information (ZAP namespace):
- Zap.Report.GetFailedStepsCount;
- Zap.Report.GetInformationStepsCount;
- Zap.Report.GetPassedStepsCount;
- Zap.Report.GetWarningStepsCount.

• Removed M-RUN warnings on click "Run" button in "ZAPTEST Free Edition".
• Added new default ZAPTEST layout.
• Fixed issue with NotExist() method.
• Fixed issue with reloading "GUI Map" views after deleting a bunch of objects.
• Added ability to cancel property editing by pressing the "Escape" button.
• Updated error dialog when Included path is wrong.
• Fixed issue with restoring breakpoints after execution.
• Fixed issue with "Start from Line" for lines inside an if-statement.
• Fixed clearing runtime email configuration before a next test run.


ZAPTEST 19.3.8 (Release Date - April 04, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for PDF Report generation

• Fixed issue with opening e-mail report configuration dialog


ZAPTEST 19.3.6 (Release Date - March 28, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS 12.2
- On iOS 12.2 or later automatic execution works only for developer provisions (certs).
• Added support for NLA security layer (RDP connection).

• Fixed issue with showing "Step View" -> "Script" warning.
• Fixed issue with injecting Win key combinations (VNC, RDP protocols).
• Fixed stopping M-RUN scripts when they contains "runtest" methods.
• Fixed reporting of a test abortion (for M-RUN execution).
• Fixed encryption in API methods.


ZAPTEST 19.3.4 (Release Date - March 19, 2019)
New Features:
• Added new parameters for CaptureBitmap method:
- "savePath" - saves BMP data in the given path, reports warning if not successful (default is not set);
- "report" - if true saves BMP data into results (default is true).

• Fixed issue with cursor "freezing" when a Datatable cell is in edit mode.
• Fixed "ZAP Viewer" crash during ZAPFARM execution if password contains '@' symbol.


ZAPTEST 19.3.0 (Release Date - March 14, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for creating object templates (OCR properties / per project):
- Added ability to scan AUT with the selected template (needs to be marked by a flag);
- Templates list is available at: "TOOLS" -> "Template Editor";
- As new "Templates" property of an object.
• Added "NotExist" method - methods waits until the object disappears from the screen.
• Added keeping checked objects (Project Explorer) after setting parent object.
• Added SetWindowState method (Maximize/Minimize window).
• Added menu item for Shared Repositories: 'Open "Shared Repository" and "Edit" this View'.
• Added ability to export/import OCR Templates (Enterprise Edition only).
• Added new methods (Zap.Common namespace) for color manipulations:
- ColorMakeFromRGB;
- ColorGetRedChannel;
- ColorGetGreenChannel;
- ColorGetBlueChannel.

• Removed "login" text from login dialog (Free Edition).
• Improved Highlight() error message when an object is not found.
• Prohibited using the following characters for object name: '\', '/' , '(', ')', '\"'.
• Added property tooltips with value data.
• Optimized memory usage around Recorder players/views.
• Fixed issue with single line "If" statement and "Run From Line" command.


ZAPTEST 19.2.12 (Release Date - February 20, 2019)
New Features:
• Added support for URL Encoded API requests (REST).
• Added support for RDP protocol.
- To use a RDP connection, please use "rdp://" prefix for host, and provide optional "username" property in the dialogs.
- As an automation option, username and password can be passed using this string format: "username[::]password".

• Fixed JIRA connectivity.
• Added default ports for RDP and VNC hosts:
- RDP: 3389
- VNC: 5900


ZAPTEST 19.2.6 (Release Date - February 07, 2019)
New Features:
• Added application logs feature;
- "-logs path" Command line argument writes application logs into the given directory.
• Added global filter to the header of the generated report.
• Added shortcut for opening last results (CTRL + R).
• Added shortcut for current script folder: "Tools" -> "Open Folder" -> "Current Project Folder".

• Updated results table styles: reduced the size of status column.
• Added support to handle DPI change without app restarting and logout (Only for Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) and higher versions).
• Fixed issue with showing a correct line in Execution Status window.
• Disabled second instance of Recorder, disabled Record button on starting recording session.


ZAPTEST 19.2.0 (Release Date - January 24, 2019)
New Features:
• Added new functionality for API testing.


ZAPTEST 19.1.7 (Release Date - January 08, 2019)
• Fixed possible crash on horizontal scrolling of the Datatable during a cell editing.
• Fixed "large-increment" scrolling of the Datatable.
• Fixed crash when computer losing connection to the license server.
• Fixed possible crash when previous save path is unavailable.


ZAPTEST 19.1.0 (Release Date - December 22, 2018)
New Features:
• Added new property: "ZOE Recognition Mode":
- "Default" - current default detector, uses internal automatic mode;
- "Auto" - ZAPTEST detector mode, it automatically selects one of the methods: "Default", "1-Way Detector", "2-Way Detector", "3-Way Detector";
- "1-Way Detector" - simplest detection method;
- "2-Way Detector" - 2-way processing method;
- "3-Way Detector" - advanced method (could be inaccurate while scanning simple data).
• Added new methods to get runtime coordinates:
- GetRuntimeX;
- GetRuntimeY;
- GetRuntimeWidth;
- GetRuntimeHeight;
- GetRuntimePosition (This method returns an array).
• Added ability to updated existing excel file (on Zap.Datatable.ExportExcel method).
• Added new method for updating current iteration name:
- Zap.Report.SetIterationName(string iterationName)
Example: Zap.Report.SetIterationName "Iteration " & Zap.Iteration & " - " & Datatable.Value("Description")
• Added reusable templates in Step View, by dragging object or group to the toolbox.
• Allowed giving to objects same name in different registry case ("object" -> "Object").

• Improved access to elemets of ZAPTEST dialog (for using keyboard only).
• Fixed issue with marking the first iteration in results when Datatable is dynamically imported.
• Fixed importing Numeric fields with Text style (Datatable importing from Excel).

ZAPTEST 19.0.0 (Release Date - November 19, 2018)
New Features:
• Major public build which includes integration with ZAPFARM.
• Added ability to remove multiples views in Scenario Recorder.
• Added ability to use "shift" selection in compact view.
• Added ability to make full-screen screenshots of objects.
• Fixed issue with loading M-RUN saved configuration and setting the license type (Android Full Control mode).
• Fixed Script-Less report numeration of steps
• Fixed issue with coordinate properties of an Area object.
• Removed option to hide StepView window, updated switching logic.
• Fixed issue with restoring LOOP variable name (Step View).
• Fixed issue with converting single " quote into code.
• Fixed issue with populating ZAP Utility step methods: removed duplicate items.
• Fixed issue with generating documentation when IF condition is present.
• Fixed issue with multiple ZAPFARM connections in Enterprise Edition.
• Fixed issue with "IF" Step border.
Fixed issue with "FOR" Loop Step fields parameterization.
ZAPTEST 18.5.5 (Release Date - November 12, 2018)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS12.1

ZAPTEST 18.5.0 (Release Date - October 17, 2018)
New Features:
• Added new Guided Mode (ToolTips) (in Free Edition only):
- Scanning process;
- Object drag&drop and method selection;
• Added execution time reporting for containers (iterations, runtest, custom blocks, etc).
• Added repository explorer menu items for adding an object into different step positions:
- Add to First Position;
- Add to Current Position;
- Add to Last Position.
• Added support for TFS 2012/2013.
- To enable select "Use SOAP Client Checkbox";
- Connection string should have the following format: http://HOST:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection.
• Added "markObject" parameter for CaptureBitmap method: Captures application screenshot and marks object's location on it.

• Fixed issue with using Runtest with scripts when both shared and local repositories are present.
• Fixed cross monitor scaling issue (different DPI per monitor). WARNING: Sign out is required after updating system settings.
• Fixed stop event (button) action.


ZAPTEST 18.4.1 (Release Date - September 25, 2018)
New Features:
• Added dropdown menu item to Repository Explorer with remove "selected objects" buttons.

• Fixed issue with importing Datatables: added ignoring autoformatting.


ZAPTEST 18.4.0 (Release Date - September 24, 2018)
New Features:
• Added support for iOS12.
• Added ability to disable steps in Step editor.
• Added optional reporting of a method execution time ("Options" -> "Result Reporting"). Disabled by default.
• Added automatic table format and encryption (optional, enabled by default).
• Added ability to change format for a whole column in Datatable.
• Updated EndTransaction method: added return value in seconds.
• Added loader on saving huge scripts (repository / media data).

• Made ZAPTEST Repository Format 2.0 by default.
• Fixed issue with Exist() timeout property.
• Fixed issue with loading corrupted scripts (ZAPTEST could freeze instead of giving the error message).


ZAPTEST 18.3.0 (Release Date - September 17, 2018)
New Features:
• Added caching shared repositories and included files during runtime.
• Added option to use "Light" Runtest environment. Enabled by default.

• Fixed issue with generating documentation (Results could get placed in a description).
• Changed default Datatable cell format to TextFormat (affected exporting to excel files).
• Disabled null-data on empty datatable cells: replaced with empty string.
• Fixed issue with getting "Name" and "Type" object properties (GetProperty method).


ZAPTEST 18.2.5 (Release Date - September 06, 2018)
New Features:
• Added new methods for pressing up to 5 keys (combinations):
- Zap.Keyboard.KeyPressMultiple;
- ().KeyPressMultiple;
- Zap.Keyboard.KeyPressMultipleByCharacters;
- ().KeyPressMultipleByCharacters.
• Separated methods with duplicated names:
- CustomReport -> CustomReportEx
- KeyPress -> KeyPressByCharacter (+ Zap.Keyboard namespace)
- KeyDown -> KeyDownByCharacter (+ Zap.Keyboard namespace)
- KeyUp -> KeyUpByCharacter (+ Zap.Keyboard namespace)
• Added new object property: "ZOE Scan Mode":
- "Inherit" option inherits this parameter from the parent object. If the parent object has "Inherit" value the system setting is used.
- Defautl: "Inherit".
• Added option to report step images for All / Errors / Errors & Warnings / None steps.
• Added option to ignore attachment (E-Mail / Integrations) if file size > given parameter.

• Improved error messages for GetText and GetAverageColorName methods.
• Improved logic of showing title when Runtest method is used.
• Fixed selecting property text / value by Ctrl + A combination.
• Fixed importing data from Excel: Removed possible empty lines.
• Fixed importing DT table with standard columns (A, B, C, ... ).
• Fixed issue with adding preconfigured variables (M-RUN).
• Improved ZAPTEST termination process.
• Updated shutdown logic: added forcing shutdown WPF application.


ZAPTEST 18.2.0 (Release Date - August 09, 2018)
New Features:
• Fragmented Scan Mode of OCR engine.
• Switch between scan modes (Fragmented Scan, Continuous Scan, or Auto Scan) is available in Options > ZOE.
- Auto Scan mode (default) uses Continuous and Fragmented scans iteratively.
• Added splash with demo scripts.
• Added Zap.Keyboard.Type method.
• Added saving position and scale parameters (Script-Less editor).
• Added ability to scan a view from a video frame in recorded scenario.
• Added tooltip for a Step Comment.
• Added external comment editor for Step Comment.
• Enabled passing TestObjects as arguments in custom methods (Step View).
• Added ability to export a view to an image file. This can be done via
- context menu of the Repository Explorer;
- "GUI Map" main editor area context menu;
- "GUI Map" view thumbnail context menu.


ZAPTEST 18.1.6 (Release Date - July 30, 2018)
• Fixed closing license server connections.


ZAPTEST 18.1.5 (Release Date - July 27, 2018)
• Fixed issue with parameterizing Object Propertiy values.


ZAPTEST 18.1.0 (Release Date - July 24, 2018)
New Features:
• Added Zap.Math.* namespace with Mathematical methods.
• Implemented object properties parameterization.
• Added EraseField parameter for TypeRow method.
• Added multiple steps selection/copy logic (Step View).
• Added ability to create new view from images. Added image option to the Scan menu in the GUI Map.
• Improved scanning logic. ZAPTEST will suggest creating a new application object if wndclass and wndtitle of the scanned application are different from an existing application, or to use the existing application object if the window properties match it.
• Added help links for some common errors.
• Added new Script-Less toolbox items:
- For Next Loop;
- While Loop (pre-checked condition);
- Do While Loop (post-checked condition);
- Added Break item for breaking looping process.
• Added "device_id" variable for M-RUN execution.
• Added ability to use pre-populated variables in M-RUN debug mode.
• Allowed using HOME button without tab switching in M-RUN mode.
• Added support for Android 8.0/8.1
• Added ability to use Full Control (Android) in M-RUN mode.
• Added quick access to 10 last projects.
• Added ability to manually create object with different default types (GUI Map toolbar button).
• Added support for connecting to a PC with Android OS.
• Added OCR service to improve M-RUN performance.
• Made Step View ToolBox dockable: Left, Top, Right positions.
• Added sizes for ToolBox items: small, medium, large, auto. Configuration is available through the Options
• Added ability to use variables in different items (IF Step, Variable Step, etc).


ZAPTEST 18.0.15 (Release Date - June 08, 2018)

New Features:
• Added ability to use Custom Report Section. Functionality is provided via the following methods:
- Zap.Report.StartSection;
- Zap.Report.EndSection;
- Zap.Report.SetActiveSectionName.
• Added execution type parameter for Runtest method:
- Zap.ExecutionTypes.UseExecutingScriptSettings = 0;
- Zap.ExecutionTypes.FirstIteration = 1;
- Zap.ExecutionTypes.UseCurrentDatatableIteration = 2.
• Added ability to use custom object repository for exception handling.
• Added ability to select the object (Exception Handling configuration) from TreeView.
• Added ability for multiple object selection by using SHIFT + Left Mouse Click combination (Available only for Extended View. Second click reverses checked state).
• Added Copy/Paste methods for Datatable rows.
• Added ability to zoom Steps using the mouse (Ctrl + Wheel combination).

• Fixed MouseMove method (M-RUN execution).
• Fixed issue with RunFromLine (VBScript code).
• Added ability to maximize/minimize ZAPTEST by clicking its toolbar icon.


ZAPTEST 18.0.11 (Release Date - May 23, 2018)
New Features:
• Added support for Script-Less custom steps.
• Added Execution Status Window (disabled by default).
- To enable: "Options" -> "Runtime" -> check "Show 'Execution Status' during runtime".
• Added new methods into Common namespace:
- Trim(string);
- Substring(string, startPos, length [optional]).
• Added support for setting properties in Script-Less mode. Example: Zap.Iteration = 5 using "ZAP Utility" step.
• Added support for nullable boolean values in Script-Less mode. It supports: null, nothing, or undefined names.
• Added prepopulated dropdown list for true/false values.
• Added ability to provide TestParameters variable if it requires.


ZAPTEST 18.0.2 (Release Date - April 26, 2018)
• Added support for Shared Repository in Script-Less mode.
• Updated PDF Documentation.
• Added new method Zap.Common.ShowMessageBox.


ZAPTEST 18.0.1 (Release Date - April 23, 2018)
New Features:
• StepView control - scriptless way to create automated tests using ZAPTEST.
- Icon-view approach to build test workflow;
- Toolbar for special steps;
- ZAP Utility icon for ZAPTEST internal objects and methods;
- Dynamic Listbox for Local and Global variables;
- Dynamic Listbox for Datatable parameters;
- Support for standard run and debug features;
- Support for auto-generated documentation.
- Support for Multi-Run test execution.


ZAPTEST 17.9.5 (Release Date - March 28, 2018)
• Dynamic Table updates:
- Disabled "Dynamic End Detection" property when "Buttom Object" is present.
- Updated scrolling logic (in case when table is not fully visible).
• Fixed calculation of status percentages in E-Mail reports.


ZAPTEST 17.9.0 (Release Date - March 21, 2018)
New Features:
• Updated result reporting.
- Added status summary information (Passed, Information, Warning, Failed).
- Added 'pie' chart for status summary.
• Added option to save ZAP project (*.zap) file using new repository format (v2.0). The new format reduced memory footprint when working with big project files.
- To switch to the new repository format please select "Use New Repository Format(v2.0)" checkbox in Options > General.
NOTE: Projects saved using the new format will not be supported by previous versions of ZAPTEST.


ZAPTEST 17.8.2 (Release Date - March 05, 2018)
New Features:
• Added "LastUpdate" QuickStart window.
• Updated logic of application detection. Added "Detection Type" property for Application objects with following values:
    1. "Flexible" (default):
      - Finds the application window using "Exact Match" logic;
      - If NOT FOUND, tries to find using title only;
      - If NOT FOUND, omits browser reference from title and retries searching by title only;
      - If NOT FOUND, tries to find by both title and class applying ZAP Precision calculation;
      - If NOT FOUND, tries to find by title only applying ZAP Precision calculation.
    2. "Exact Match":
      - Finds the application using exact match of Title and Class values (if present).
    3. "Regular Expression":
      - Uses RegExp for matching Title and Class properties, case insensitive. EXAMPLE: "^ZAPTEST.*FREE.*CHROME"
• Menu items for "Device Manager" and "View Last Results" toolbar buttons.
• Added "Dynamic Table" feature.


ZAPTEST 17.8.0 (Release Date - February 27, 2018)
New Features:
• "M-RUN Debug Mode" in 1SCRIPT.
- Note: Creating new connection from this cmponent affects M-RUN tab as well (because this is a part of M-RUN).

• Fixed issue with loading CA project from CA system.
• Fixed issue with launching ZAP Browser on iOS devices.


ZAPTEST 17.7.11 (Release Date - February 12, 2018)
New Features:
• Added Zap.CommandLineArguments namespace. 2 properties:
- DatatablePath;
- SheetName.
• New way of event exchange between "ZAPTEST" and "ZAP Viewer" (Use of native resolution only).
• Added PDF documentation.

• Fixed issue with signing IPA packages.
• Disabled using Highlight method in case of M-RUN.
• Changed DataTable cell logic - now default format is string (before it was automatic).
• Improved reporting in case of changing "Zap.Iteration" property.


ZAPTEST 17.7.7 (Release Date - February 02, 2018)
New Features:
• Memory optimization:
- Reduced ZAPTEST memory footprint during runtime.
- Fixed memory leaks (and optimised memory management) around OpenCV library and Results Reporting.
• Added support for iOS 11.3 (Development Edition).
• Added "Information" status for custom report step. Examples:
- Application("Application").CustomReport FALSE, "FAILED", "SIMPLE"
- Application("Application").CustomReport TRUE, "OK", "SIMPLE", true
- Application("Application").CustomReport Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Warning, "Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Warning", "Warning"
- Application("Application").CustomReport Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Information, "Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Information", "Information", true
- Application("Application").CustomReport Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Passed, "Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Passed", "Passed"
- Application("Application").CustomReport Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Failed, "Zap.Report.ResultStatuses.Failed", "Failed"

• Fixed issue with opening large project files (more than 25 Mb).
• Allowed ZAPTEST using 3Gb memory if avaiable.
• Fixed issue with parent size scalability (in case of using OCR based object as a child).


ZAPTEST 17.7.3 (Release Date - January 23, 2018)
New Features:
• Added alwaysSuccess parameter for Launch() method to ignore failed execution status.
• New feature "Duplicate View" (available in "Repository Explorer" and "GUI Map" windows).
• New feature "Recalculate OCR Position of Objects" (available at the left "GUI Map" toolbar).
    - New button "Stop Current Operation" to stop position recalculation.

• Updated EmguCV (OpenCV) libraries to version
• Fixed memory issues around OpenCV library.
• Added C++ 2015 redistributable package.


ZAPTEST 17.7.0 (Release Date - January 16, 2018)
New Features:
• Added application return codes and additional information when quit (-q) flag is set (command line execution).
  0 - execution result doesn't have any failed steps
  1 - execution results has some failed steps
Result (example):
  "Finished Run:Failed!
  Results Path:C:\Users\user\Documents\ZAPTEST\Results\Results - test - 01-11-18 10-35-03.zre|
  Total Results:21
  Total Iterations:4
  Total Failed Results:1
  Total Failed Iterations:1
  Total Passed Results:20
  Total Passed Iterations:3"
• Updated .NET framework to version. 4.7.1

• Fixed issue with object border in GUI Map Window when "Recognition Type" is changed.
• Added PC rebooting after installing .NET 4.7 framework.
• Fixed issue with dynamic DPI changes.
• Fixed issue with showing Area parent objects in R/O repository.
• Improved Step View usability:
  Allowed adding objects from GUI Map by double clicking on object/view;
  Added automatic expending method dropdown after adding step control.
• Fixed issue with color tolerance.
• Fixed issue with close method (M-RUN) and saved configurations.
• Fixed "Coordinates" recognition after switching from image based object, generated by ZAPTEST.


ZAPTEST 17.6.1 (Release Date - December 29, 2017)
• Fixed "Coordinates" recognition after switching from image based object, generated by ZAPTEST.


ZAPTEST 17.6.0 (Release Date - December 27, 2017)

New Features:
• New Recognition Type: "Coordinates". ZAPTEST uses coordinates only for object definition.
• Changed Run-Time behavior: If object has Recognition Type different from "Coordinates", and it's not found, ZAPTEST will fail steps that require object to be present.
- To enable alternative behavior please select checkbox 'Use "Coordinates" recognition when object is not found (for "OCR" and "Image" types)' in Runtime Options.
- To set this behavior programmatically per test, please use parameter: ForceCoordinatesRecognition. Usage examples:
1. Zap.Options.ForceCoordinatesRecognition = True (enables use of coordinates when an object is not fund);
2. Zap.Options.ForceCoordinatesRecognition = False (disables use of coordinates when an object is not fund);
3. Zap.Options.ForceCoordinatesRecognition = Nothing (uses setting from Runtime Options).

• Added "RepeatCount" parameter for ScrollTo and ScrollWheel methods. Usage (RepeatCount is set to 5):
- Application("Application").View("View").ScrollWheel -120, 0, 0, 1500, true, 5
- Application("Application").View("View").Object("Street Address").ScrollTo -120, 2000, 40, 0, 0, 1500, True, False, 5

• Changed "Run from this line" logic for JavaScript code: It will run all code after current line (including selected line).
• Fixed ParentSize property for "Coordinates" Recognition Type.
• Fixed cleaning runtime properties.
• Fixed crash around "runtest" method.

ZAPTEST 17.5.0 (Release Date - December 23, 2017)
New Features:
• "Quick Start" guidelines for 1SCRIPT, M-RUN and DOC.
- Accessible at first open of ZAPTEST or via HELP > Quick-Start Windows
• Implemented use of relative paths in script code. Example:
- runtest "..\project\zap\script.zap"
- include "libs\lib1.txt"
• Added new command line parameters to import datatable data:
-dti path Imports CSV/Excel file into datatable after loading the project file.
-dtes name Optional: Excel SheetName in case of importing Excel document.
• Added global hot keys when Script is in RUN mode:
- CTRL + SHIFT + F5 - stops execution
- CTRL + SHIFT + F6 - pauses execution
• Added new methods:
- DblClickCell - double-clicks cell in a Table object.
- DblClickRow - double-clicks row in a List object.
• Added support for iOS 11.2.
• Updated .NET Framework (version 4.6.2).


ZAPTEST 17.4.5 (Release Date - December 04, 2017)
• Fixed issue on updating GUI Map toolbar when adding new objects.

ZAPTEST 17.4.3 (Release Date - December 01, 2017)
• Fixed issue with Setting/Getting Gamma property on some localizations.

ZAPTEST 17.4.2 (Release Date - November 30, 2017)
• Fixed issue with Image recognition. ZAPTEST could retrieve (0,0) coordinate when retrieving wrong image data.
• Fixed issue with copying X, Y and XY coordinates from "GUI Map" control.
• Improved loading object's properties on changing item in the "Object Explorer".
• Fixed opening a view using external viewer. This applies to screenshots in the Scenario tab after a scenario recording.


ZAPTEST 17.4.1 (Release Date - November 28, 2017)
• Fixed issue with clearing input fields using 'DEL' button in some applications.
• Added tooltips for Runtest, Include and Wait methods which are outside the ZAP namespace.
• Fixed updating script status (changed) on removing datatable rows/columns.
• Updated parameters for Runtest method in ZAP namespace.


ZAPTEST 17.4.0 (Release Date - November 15, 2017)
New Features:
• Automatic Script-Text update on changing object's parent (enabled by default).
- New option item to disable this feature: Options > GUI Map > Update Script Text on Changing Parent Object.
• Added list for Language property.
• Added using 'DEL' key operation in addition to 'BACKSPACE' for clearing input fields (Type method).
- This operation can be disabled in Options > Runtime > Use 'DEL' key for clearing input fields.
• Added support for 'DEL' button for iOS devices.
- to use this feature on iOS platform, please reinstall iOS application using this version of ZAPTEST.
• Added support for iOS 11.1.
• Automatic anchoring of TextBox (Input) objects during scan.
- This feature is optional, disabled by default.


ZAPTEST 17.3.15 (Release Date - November 02, 2017)
New Features:
• New Exception Handling logic:
- Added Application/Object Found/Not Found triggers.
• Added reporting step in results when Exception Handling rule is triggered.
• Improved UI of Exception Handler Dialog.
• Auto E-Mailing of Test Results. Configuration is available via:
- ZAPTEST Options -> "Result Reporting"
- Zap.Report.* methods
• New parameter for SetProperty method - takeScreenshot. Updated logic: method doesn't save screenshot by default.
• Added information about an object to Test Result when ApplicationNotFound or ObjectNotFound rules are triggered.

• Fixed issue with corrupted test files when adding objects containing special characters in their names: ":=".


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