Test automation for enterprises

Optimize your tests with ZAPTEST

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UI and API Testing

Seamless UI and API test automation of any Desktop; Mobile; Web apps

1SCRIPT executes in parallel on any test environment at once

Auto-generate test documentation with one click


Agile and Waterfall

Start automation early for Agile | DevOps | CI | CD or streamline teams collaboration through Video Scenarios

Automate against Live App; Mockups; or Videos

Shift-Left Just-in-Time testing


Script-Less and Scripted

Accommodate any team Skillset from business analyst to scripter

Automate using Icon-driven or VB Script/ JavaScript workflow

Combine both workflows at any time


Personalized Support

ZAPTEST offers unprecedented support for it's enterprise customers.

Our individually assigned account experts strive to provide customers with the best possible service while quickly and efficiently solving problems


Optimize your process

Early Automation

Automate tests from mockups as early as app requirements stage. Learn more

Auto Documentation

Save time by automatically generating test documentation from test scripts. Learn more

Just-In-Time Testing

Run single test against multiple environments as soon as your app is released. Learn more

Script faster

1SCRIPT technology allows you to write one test script on a single platform and run it against any platforms without further modifications. See it in action

Automatic test documentation

Save time by letting ZAPTEST automatically translate computer-language test script into plain English test documentation. See it in action

Save time on test execution

Parallel execution

Run batch of tests against multiple devices in parallel and simultaneously. See it in action

Remote Device Control

Remotely control and manage test devices and the installed applications. Supports iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Unix and more. See it in action

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