ZAPTEST CEO’s StarEast 2022 News Desk Interview

Four Essential Steps for Test Automation

Three Main Test Automation Factors

ZAPTEST 1Script Technology


ZAPTEST Mockup-Based Test Automation


ZAPTEST – TEST+RPA Seamless Automation Promo

ZAPTEST – On-Boarding

FARM Private Cloud

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Introduction

ZAPTEST DOC – 1 Script / 1 Click

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Tutorial – Mockups

ZAPTEST – The Game Changer


ZAPTEST – Test Automation Approaches

ZAPTEST UI + API Test Automation


ZAPTEST – G-Mode Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST – Evaluation Promo

600% Productivity Increase

ZAPTEST – Workshop

BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium

ZAPTEST – JIRA Integration

ZAPTEST Rally Integration

ZAPTEST Micro Focus ALM Integration

ZAPTEST – TFS Integration


ZAPTEST – Multilingual

ZAP Agile Methodology and CI

ZAPTEST & CA DevTest Integration

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Citrix Demo

ZAPTEST – Cross Platform Test Automation: Windows and Mac

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Javascript Support

ZAPTEST: Jenkins Integration

ZAPTEST with BrowserStack

ZAP Recorder – Generate Test Automation from Videos

ZAPTEST – M-RUN Overview

ZAPTEST PDF Test Automation

ZAPTEST – Use Case Automation

ZAPTEST API Testing Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST Tutorial – Recorder Feature

ZAPTEST – ZAPX Format Promo

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Prepare Application

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Create Script

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Playback

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Object Recognition Principles

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Prepare Environment

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Execute the Script

ZAPTEST – DOC – Generate Documentation

ZAPTEST – DOC – Integrate Documentation

ZAPTEST – Setup FARM Server

Test Automation Spider-man in the Matrix – ZAPTEST Fairytale

ZAP MULTIRUN gives Test Automation Spider-man the Matrix super power to make sure that all application test environments are properly tested with one execution! Fairytale In EUT-city there was only one building and the legendary Old-Runner was running stairs making...

DevOps – 100% QA Time

  This approach allows the QA to have 100% QA time (vs 20%) and to always be ready for testing Just in Time (JIT) when the AUT is released.    Reality The Software Quality Assurance role in the current development process has been demoted due to the...

Optimize your testing!

Create testing framework with minimum test artifacts to allow full test coverage for your AUT Read this short article to learn how to most efficiently develop test automation framework and reduce time for test script development and maintenance.   Reality The...

Global Mobile – Adapting to the Rising Market

Living on-the-go has become commonplace among business professionals. As a result, mobile access from devices such as smartphones has become increasingly crucial.  UberMedia pulled some interesting facts and stats and found that smart phone users use these devices for...

Partnerships Drive Synergy for Global Success

No matter how advanced our technology has become, the size of the world has not changed. People and businesses still stretch across continents, some separated by thousands of miles.  The Cloud and the internet helps build bridges across these distances, but not even...

zapFARM Paves the Way for Cost-Efficient Mobile Device Testing!

Currently, the process of mobile test automation requires hosting of mobile devices under test. Modern solutions on the market offer hourly rental of devices – a costly option that has many downfalls. With the continuing rise of technology,  the majority of companies...