ZAPTEST CEO’s StarEast 2022 News Desk Interview

Four Essential Steps for Test Automation

Three Main Test Automation Factors

ZAPTEST 1Script Technology


ZAPTEST Mockup-Based Test Automation


ZAPTEST – TEST+RPA Seamless Automation Promo

ZAPTEST – On-Boarding

FARM Private Cloud

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Introduction

ZAPTEST DOC – 1 Script / 1 Click

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Tutorial – Mockups

ZAPTEST – The Game Changer


ZAPTEST – Test Automation Approaches

ZAPTEST UI + API Test Automation


ZAPTEST – G-Mode Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST – Evaluation Promo

600% Productivity Increase

ZAPTEST – Workshop

BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium

ZAPTEST – JIRA Integration

ZAPTEST Rally Integration

ZAPTEST Micro Focus ALM Integration

ZAPTEST – TFS Integration


ZAPTEST – Multilingual

ZAP Agile Methodology and CI

ZAPTEST & CA DevTest Integration

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Citrix Demo

ZAPTEST – Cross Platform Test Automation: Windows and Mac

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Javascript Support

ZAPTEST: Jenkins Integration

ZAPTEST with BrowserStack

ZAP Recorder – Generate Test Automation from Videos

ZAPTEST – M-RUN Overview

ZAPTEST PDF Test Automation

ZAPTEST – Use Case Automation

ZAPTEST API Testing Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST Tutorial – Recorder Feature

ZAPTEST – ZAPX Format Promo

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Prepare Application

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Create Script

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Playback

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Object Recognition Principles

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Prepare Environment

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Execute the Script

ZAPTEST – DOC – Generate Documentation

ZAPTEST – DOC – Integrate Documentation

ZAPTEST – Setup FARM Server

ZAP Technologies Webinar Opens New Doors for Agile Test Automation

ZAP technologies Webinar Opens New Doors for Agile Test Automation! Automate your testing before the application has been developed! It's that time again! ZAP technologies is hosting another exciting webinar this month. Join Alex Chernyak - ZAP technlogies CTO - for...

ZAP-fiX Makes Incredible Impact at HP Discover!

It has been exactly one week since HP Discover 2011 ended in Las Vegas. In our last installment, we spoke of ZAP technologies and its participation in this large-scale event. Now, we are here to share the news of our success and the incredible impact that ZAP-fiX made...

ZAP-fiX Celebrates Success at HP Discover Las Vegas!

In our last installment, we discussed ZAP-fiX and its participation in the large scale event called HP Discover that will be hosted in Las Vegas. Now we would like to invite you to join us in spending your evenings with ZAP-fiX in our nightly parties. Every night from...

ZAP an APP – Stay on Track

In a world that often leaves us breathless; from stress, demand, and the pressure of staying on top of the wave, our main source of oxygen is information. If we don’t know something or are unclear about how we can solve an unusual problem – we often rush to consult...

ZAP-fiX Solves Even the Most Problematic Challenges!

Las Vegas has always been a city of beauty and allure. It draws in, not only gamblers and thrill-seekers, but fun-loving families, hopeful couples, and anyone who wants to find adventure. With the huge variety of performances, casinos, and incredible hotels, you can...

ZAP-fiX- Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing

In our last blog post, we proved our dependability by showing you various consumer feedback. We’ve given examples of how our product can help your business succeed and discussed how our product is adaptable even in today’s constantly changing world. Now, we're giving...

Welcome to ZAP Weblog!

Welcome! We at ZAP are proud and excited to be able to offer our customers and our friends throughout the world an online resource to discuss and explain not only our company but the industry we are involved in. Our blog will not only act like a...