Mock-up Based Test Automation allows for working on modules from the beginning of Project Development: QA engineers working on test modules while developers are working on an application.

QA engineers create a ZAPTEST Module which is based only on mock-ups. Let's take a short tour.


ZAPTEST presents mock-up based test automation. In this presentation will show you how fast and easy it is to create a test script for mock-up Android Windows and OS X in parallel we'll take a hand-drawn mock-up of an applications login page and import it into zap tests the text in the mock-up image is automatically detected and objects are created now let's define the user name text field and relate it to the user name label this way if the user name text changes position on the screen the text field box will always follow it let's do the same for password when done we will add all objects into the script and build script logic. First we'll add a validation step that verifies zap test page exists. Second we'll add typing in the username and password steps and lastly we'll add click on the login button step. When the application under test is ready for testing just type in the app address and run this script against it. The script runs successfully from its first execution without any modifications now we can save time by automatically generating test documentation with a single click of a button then easily export it into word HTML HP ALM or CA agile central as our last test we will run this test case against four different platforms Android iOS Windows and Mac OS X with these we've connected to four real physical devices let's run the script during the execution we can track each devices progress through the live remote view and the colored line indicators in the script when done we can review the results of each device thank you for watching please visit our portal to get started today


Start test development based only on Mock-Ups of the application: no wasting time or waiting for the first build.

ZAPTEST uses OCR and Image Based types of objects: it's easy to develop test cases knowing the technical documentation and all logic of the application: just start by scanning mock-ups.


OBJECT MAPPING provides a cool technology which allows for mapping of UI objects from mock-ups into ZAPTEST objects: moreover, it automatically detects most of the objects, just filter objects not needed and use it

By having all objects in the ZAP Repository we only have to create test logic: which will be single for all platforms:



  • Test module validates not only the UI interactions, but full business logic of the application.
  • Test modules are ready by the first release of the application.
  • Easy to build test Module using mock-ups.
  • Easy to generate test documentation.

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