ZAPTEST Automation Suite within 1SCRIPT Technology allows running of a single script on multiple platforms

It uses ZAP Object Engine (ZOE) and Advanced Object Detection algorithms which employ multiple visible parameters of objects under test


ZAPTEST is functional testing tool allows single script to be executed on multiple platforms without any script modification. Simply record a script and run it against multiple platforms. This is possible with 1SCRIPT technology which uses the ZAP Object Engine and Advanced object algorithm framework which utilizes multiple visual parameters of objects under test. 1SCRIPT technology tremendously increases ROI and reduces maintenance of test automation frameworks. Here is a short demo. This is a script that was recorded on a Chrome browser. Without any script changes simply plug in your mobile device and let ZAPTEST run your test script against the platform you recorded and against the mobile device. As simple as that this single script is able to run on two or more platforms. Why choose 1SCRIPT technology? It provides: faster test development, lower maintenance costs, cross-platform execution with a single script and faster time to market. That's what we call an increased ROI! So, head to our portal and get started today.


ZAPTEST is offering flexible test automation for any skillset in your Quality Assurance organization from manual testers to application developers using either Script-Less (Icon-driven) or Scripted (VBScript or Java Script) workflow


1SCRIPT technology tremendously increases ROI and reduces maintenance of test automation frameworks

All we need is to create a single test script using only one platform and then use it on all other platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android as well as multiple browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer and others


The Script created using Chrome Browser on Windows supports multiple platforms

It's easy to execute this script on other Windows browsers: Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge or even on different platforms, such as iOS, MacOS, Linux or Android


1SCRIPT technology executes the script and generates a detailed report for each environment or platform where the script has been executed

The report contains detailed information about each step of the execution: mouse clicks, moves, keyboard typing and others. Each step also contains screenshots of the current state of AUT


  • Faster test development
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Cross-platform execution with a single script
  • Faster time to market

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