ZAPTEST is a cross-platform and cross-browser software testing solution. Using OCR and Image Based recognition, it's able to automate the testing process without any API, Framework or environment dependencies and work only with Graphic User Interface

Moreover, ZAPTEST provides the ability to use a single script for your computer, phone and tablet


In this video we will demonstrate how ZAPTEST can interact with PDF forms. Here we have a PDF form opened in Acrobat Reader. We'll do the following: we will interact with the drop-down list, with the radio buttons, with a checkbox, with the list box, with the table and with both numeric field and text field. Afterwards, we will try and print the form verify that the print page shows up and then reset the form. So, let's go to the script. I'm going to run this and notice we're going to interact with all the objects. So, as you can see we're able to interact with all the objects in the PDF form: we have no problem clicking, we have no problem typing and we have no problem identifying any of the objects. and even when we have a pop-up window, we're able to verify objects in it dismiss it and then reset the form. Now once the script is done we can go into the results, then we can see, first of all, let's make sure everything shows up, then once we expand the objects you can see that we have a screenshot of each and every object that we've interacted with and for any verifications that we've done for instance for the CutePDF Writer which is my default printer or the choose paper source we have high precision, and, of course, at the end we were able to reset the form.


ZAPTEST completely supports the following platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Therefore, we can use ZAPTEST to test on different types of devices and different browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and others with a single script execution



Complete Desktop Automation solution explaining that with ZAPTEST users can automate every single end-user action including inner areas of OS, file system, command line editors etc...


  • Faster test development;
  • Multi-platform, cross-environment and cross-browser support with a single test script
  • No API or Framework dependencies, all interactions with UI only
  • Ability to use mock-ups which makes test development much easier

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