M-RUN enables parallel execution of the same test script on multiple workstations and mobile devices

When using M-RUN test automation teams can expedite regression testing by including devices, all required environments or AUT configurations


M-RUN visual indicators make it easy to track parallel execution progress for each device. In M-RUN Parallel mode execution each device is assigned a number and a color. Selecting the device will highlight the corresponding color in the script view and the line where the device is currently in the execution. This feature lets you visually track the progress of each device in script view. In this example we contracted the first device is still at line 6 while the other two are finishing the execution.


ZAPTEST supports different ways to connect to devices used for testing:

  • Local mobile devices plugged in directly to the ZAPTEST hosting computer
  • Connectivity information of remote devices stored in the form of a configuration file
  • Mobile or conventional devices accessed through ZAPFARM Private Cloud



ZAPTEST Device Manager provides ability to prepare devices for testing, i.e. manually run applications, set browser URL or custom settings, etc

All Device Manager interactions can also be automated using 1SCRIPT or M-RUN technologies

As an additional instrument Device Manager allows for gathering of extra information from devices such as: logs, screenshots and others


M-RUN Dashboard makes it very convenient to monitor the progression of tests on all devices simultaneously

Dashboard Visual Indicators assign distinct colors for each device and the scripting area uses these colors at runtime to highlight the executed steps for respective devices.

If there's a need to get a better view of any particular device, there are special tabs for each device


M-RUN generates test results after script execution which conveniently presents the status of each device and expandable report sections with details and images for all steps


  • M-RUN provides parallel cross-browser and cross-platform execution
  • Parallel execution accelerates time multiplied by number of devices per given test runs
  • Allows for just in time regression testing delivery

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