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Data Allocation Settings. The Data Allocation Settings in the LOAD module allow users to control what test data and how is used by the virtual user group. When we add a virtual user group, the Data Allocation Settings display corresponding test data settings: Data Source Path, Selection Mode, Range Policy, and "Out of Values" Policy. If the local datatable is used in the script, The Data Source Path shows location of the test file. The Selection Mode shows Sequential Order. This is the only mode available for a local datatable. The Range Policy shows Datatable Iterations setting as it's defined in the Test settings. The "Out of Values" policy shows Cycle if we allow cycling of datatable values in the Execution Policy. With this option the datatable values will be recycled in order to keep the load test running. If we select the Do Not Cycle option, the "Out of Values" Policy will change its value. With this option the load test will stop as soon as each virtual user completes its iteration cycle. If we have the vuser group's test still open in the 1SCRIPT module, we can use the Test Settings to switch from the datatable to an external data source. After that we need to click the Refresh button in order to update the Data Allocation Settings for the vuser group. Alternatively we can assign a new test data directly in the LOAD module. For this we need to select the Custom Datasource checkbox, and press the Configure Test Data button. Now we can use the Test Data dialog to select a new data file, specify desired Data Select. Mode, Data Range Policy, and "Out of Values" Policy. The Data Allocation Settings will update this information for the vuser group.

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