Environment Manager Overview

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The Environment Manager dialog provides list of all the devices that we can use to run our UI or Load tests. The Devices tab lists devices available for a remote connectivity for the purpose of UI test development and execution Those can be local devices, connected directly to the ZAPTEST hosting computer. And devices available through your ZAPFARM account. The Generators tab lists all Remote Generators available for load test executions To open the Environment Manager, we can press this button on the main toolbar, Or we can do this with the corresponding TOOLS menu item. On its dialog we can use the first button to refresh the lists. The second button opens the Connect to ZAPTEST Agent dialog, which we can use to manually connect to a remote device. The third button opens the ZAPFARM Servers dialog. Here we can see list of connected ZAPFARM servers. And use it to connect additional ZAPFARM environments. In this example we added the second ZAPFARM server and then removed it. In the Devices tab we can press the device information area to connect to the device in ZAP Viewer. In case of a mobile device the next screen will include device management controls and list of installed applications. We need to double-click an application's icon to launch it on the device, and display it in the ZAP Viewer. A mobile device information area also includes shortcut icon to restart the device. The Generators tab displays list of available Remote Generators. A Remote Generator computer can be used to run virtual users as part of a load test. We can press the Generator's information area to retrieve its logs. It also includes a shortcut icon to restart the Remote Generator Agent on the host computer.

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