Execution and Limitation Settings

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In this video we will explain execution and limitation settings of load testing module of ZAPTEST During the load testing we need to select stop test criteria and here are the possible options: - by time - we set the exact time of script execution in hours, minutes or seconds the API script will repeating until the time will not ran out or execution policy will not be reached - by datatable cycles - depending of how many iterations we have in our API script we can limit how many times we will repeat all of these iterations for example if we have only 3 iterations and select "by datatable cycles" with value 10 then ZAPTEST will repeat our API script 10 times with 3 iterations in each - totally 30 iterations and so on - no limits - the script will performing until we manually stop it or until execution policy will not be reached So what is execution policy This parameter enable iterations loop if "Cycle datatable values" selected or disable iterations loop if "Do not cycle datatable values" selected. For example if we have 3 iterations in our API script and select "Cycle datatable values" these iterations will loop until our stop criteria will be reached or we manually stop the execution. And if we select "Do not cycle datatable values" then exctly 3 iterations will be performed by each virtual user and then scrip will stop. The Execution Delay parameter simply set up the delay for this particular scenario execution, so for example if you set up 10 it will start performing this API scenario 10 seconds later after you start the load test. This delay may be useful if you need to perform several API scripts in a row within a single load testing suite

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