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ZAPTEST - API-REC Editor Overview In this video we will learn how-to use the API-REC Editor. The API-REC Editor is a part of the API Recorder which allows us to edit and view recorded data, apply new filters, and select items for script and repository generation. *Let’s overview the main toolbar items: The “Record” menu contains basic items for recording purposes. The “Edit” menu contains basic edit items, which allow us to select and remove recorded steps. The “Generation” menu item contains items which perform data generation from recorded steps The “Correlation” menu contains items to edit API correlation rules. Please check out a separate how-to video about correlation logic. The “Filters” menu contains filter settings. The “Settings” menu contains inner menu items for installing and uninstalling root certificates. These certificates are necessary to catch HTTPS traffic between an application and the destination server. And lastly, the “Ignored Request Headers” menu item allows us to set a list of headers which will be ignored during population of API Repository. Let’s add a content-length header here as an example. Please check out the main “API Recorder” how-to-video to get detailed information about the recording process and filtering. The main toolbar contains the most used items from the main menu. At the centre you can see recorded steps, and 2 edit boxes with request and response data of a selected item. Each recorded step has 2 checkboxes. The first one is marked as “1”. It is used for editing purpose. The second checkbox allows us to mark an item to be added to the test. Let’s click the generation button on a toolbar. We can see that ZAPTEST populates the API repository and also adds steps to the script. Thank you for using ZAPTEST

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