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DOC tab - we can generate manual steps test documentation by clickin just one button - we can remove doc records by clicking "remove all items" - we are able to export documentation to RTF format, html format, or we can export documentation to HP ALM or CA Agile Central We have 2 options for DOC generation: - first is for ignoring (or not) comments in doc - I set it to "ignore" - second is for ignoring (or not) programming language statements (if-then-else, for loops etc) - I set it to "ignore" Let's see how it works. We will generate documentation based on simple script. Documentation generates as a table. Here we can see tools for editing text within a cell. We can add some intermediate steps, we can remove step, we can change the order of the steps in documentation if we need. We able to merge steps as well As you can see all coments and language statements been ignored. Then I will turn options to "not ignore". Let's see - regenerate documentation - now you can see coments and language statements presented in the test documentation.

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