"Exception Handling" Overview

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Exception Handling in ZAPTEST can be used when a special processing is required in response to certain conditions of Application Under Test, or ZAPTEST itself. Those conditions may include errors, random pop-ups like security warnings, or other events that can be hard or impractical to handle through regular scripting. Exception Handler may include multiple rules configured that apply to any test executed in the same ZAPTEST instance. To access its dialog I need to navigate to Options under TOOLS menu, and select Exception Handling section. Using controls available on this dialog, user can specify desired frequency for an application or an object checks; Create new, edit or remove existing rules; Import or Export defined set of rules using external configuration files. At run-time Import and Export functionality also available through ZAP namespace. To define a new rule I need to press Add button, Choose "Trigger on Error Type", Provide additional details where applicable, Specify coverage - All Scripts or Specific Script, and choose required Action when the rule is triggered.

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