GUI Map Debug Mode

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In this video I will show how to use GUI Map in Debug mode. In my test I added View by scanning Login mock-up image, And after defining test objects, I add few steps. My first step will invoke firefox browser and navigate to the login page. My next steps will use Exist method to find objects: ZAPTEST, Username, Password, and Login. In order to pause script execution I set two breakpoints - on my last Exist step and the following Wait step. Before I run my test I need to go to OPTIONS, navigate to GUI Map section, And select "Show Runtime Object Coordinates" checkbox Now I will run my test and wait for it to reach my first breakpoint and pause. While in Debug mode I navigate to the GUI Map tab in ZAPTEST GUI Map now shows updated position of all objects it accessed so far, including their relative objects Using GUI Map controls I can replace View's image with current GUI of the application. For this I need to click "Update View Image from Application" button Now all test objects appear on their actual positions with exception of Login object. ZAPTEST has not executed step for the Login object yet. If I run one more step and pause again, GUI Map displays updated position for the Login object. To revert back to the original scanned image of this view, I need to press "Update View Image from Repository" button. Other controls available in the GUI Map at debug mode allow users to zoom particular area of the View; Center the View; Zoom in or Zoom out; Enable or Disable Highlighting objects; and Show Highlighting Color information.

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