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Repository Explorer in ZAPTEST provides convenient way to access and organize objects stored in a test's repository. To view all objects please right-click the Repository folder icon, and select Expand All. In expanded view you can locate any test object... Including Application... , View... or any other type of object. Once you selected an object, Object Properties panel displays its properties, and the object is highlighted in the GUI Map. For related objects, Repository Explorer displays their hierarchy. Repository Explorer allows multiple objects removal. To enable object selection controls, please press Switch Selection Mode button on the toolbar. Now you can expand objects in a view and select one or several objects. You can find and click on a object in the GUI Map - same object is selected in the Repository Explorer. Now you can remove either selected or un-selected objects by using one of two commands available in the right-click menu of the Repository Explorer. Alternatively you can select multiple objects and remove them by selecting another command - Delete Selected Objects Delete button which is located on the toolbar automatically changes its mode based on the last selection made in the context menu. You can delete an individual object by clicking Delete... in the object's right-click menu. To add new step with an object to the scripting area, you can click Add To Script in the object's context menu. Alternatively you can simply double-click the object,... or you can drag an object into any part of your script. In Repository Explorer you can use context menu to export test objects to an external xml file. You can export entire repository or specific application's objects. To complete the export, please specify location and name for the new xml file, and click Save. This file can be used to import test object to another tests. To import, please go to File menu, expand Import, and select Repository from XML Navigate to the xml repository file, and click Open. All its test objects will be imported and appear in the Repository Explorer.

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