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Step Emulator. The Step Emulator feature can be used for debugging purposes during an agile test development. It allows emulated test runs in ZAPTEST. In this mode ZAPTEST does not interact with applications or devices. Instead it mimics test steps against an image of a View stored in the Repository, or against an external image when its file path is included in the Step Emulator Images property. To use this feature, we need to navigate to the M-RUN Debug tab, and press the Step Emulator button. To start the emulated test run we just need to press the Run button. During the emulated run ZAPTEST will display related images in the ZAP Viewer. Test Results will include the Step Emulator indicator in the title, and provide all step details like it would do for a normal test run. In order to use external view images, we need to type path to an external file using the Step Emulator Images property. ZAPTEST will access the images during the next emulated test run. In this example we use mockup images for the Homepage and Login views. It's possible to provide reference to multiple images for a single View. The vertical bar character must be used to separate the files. ZAPTEST will use random image selection during a test run.

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