Troubleshooting 'Application Not Found'

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When you playback ZAPTEST scenario you can be in the situation that script is not executing on the desired application or even your application remains in the background. The main reason of such kind of behavior is that application under test not found by ZAPTEST. Despite of ZAPTEST operates with graphical objects it still requires to know what application to work with. To clarify application type or name we have 2 properties in ZAPTEST object Application - Class and Title. In the object repository select the Application. Then select Object Properties. Here we can see properties RegExpWndClass - which is class of the Windows object RegExpWndTitle - title of the application Currently logic of application detection depends of "Detection Type" property for Application objects. It may have 3 following values: 1."Exact Match": - Finds the application using exact match of Title and Class values (if present). this detection type can be only used if you are using exact application with constant application window name, otherwise, it may cause fail of the application detection 2. "Flexible" (default): - Finds the application window using "Exact Match" logic; - then if NOT FOUND, tries to find using only the title - then if NOT FOUND, omits browser reference from title and retries searching by title only; - then if application still NOT FOUND, tries to find by both title and class applying ZAP Precision calculation; - and finally if NOT FOUND with all previous methods ZAPTEST tries to find application by title only applying ZAP Precision calculation. Flexible method is good to go in 99 percents of situations, we recommend use this property and it is set by default. 3. "Regular Expression": - Uses Regular Expressions for matching Title and Class properties using wildcard symbols etc, it is case insensitive. EXAMPLE: "^ZAPTEST.*FREE.*CHROME" Class of the application usually remains the same while you operating with the same application, however, if you call for some external application during script playback (for example some shell or standalone java application pop up) then application under tast will have different class. To keep control on the application you have 2 solutions: 1.Scan new kind of application as different application in object repository thus class of the new application will saves correctly. 2.You can change class of the application manually with SetProperty method. Set required application class and do not forget to set it back if you need to return to previous application. The same 2 solutions may be applied to the title of the application as well.

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