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In this video, we will learn how to integrate ZAPTEST with CA Rally.

ZAPTEST supports integrations with popular application development and testing tools: - JIRA - Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Service - Jenkins - HP Application Lifecycle Management - CA Agile Central zap test presents full integration with see a rally in this video will show you how to convert manual to automated test generate test documentation and execute and track results let's take a look at a sample test for the user story log in aut in our rally project this test is manual and it has three steps type in the username password and then click the login button and we can now open this manual test case from zap test simply click open button navigate to your user story and open the manual test case at this point zap test will generate a template for the automated test the generated script will have each step and it's expected result that appear in the manual test case in the rally project when you are done automating the script you can save it back to rally and this test now has been converted to a fully automated test case which can be launched by zap tests from rally directly in an automation driven process zap test gives you the ability to first write the automated test case and then generate manual test steps with a single click and save them into a rally project this is a great way to create test documentation for your projects every automated step which was written in programming language is now translated into plain English language which is easy to read and understand zap test allows you to execute automated tasks and track results directly from rally in this example we want to run the three automated tests for this user story zap test can run these tests individually or together here's an example how to run them all together as a batch execution simply click insert test and select it from the rally project now that we have set the correct order of execution let's save it and call it regression test our new regression test now appears in rally let's go ahead and run it zap test will open each of the modular tests directly from rally project and execute them and at the end of the run the results are automatically unloaded back to rally to see them simply go to test run tab open the test run and then open the results the results show full details of each step including aut screenshots modular cells and iterations the rent in this regression test if during the run an expected result is not found zap test will automatically generate a defect and submit it to rally thank you for watching now head to our portal and get started today

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