JIRA Integration

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In this video, we will learn how to integrate ZAPTEST with JIRA.

Jira integration allows you to save scripts and documentation to JIRA project. It also reports a bug in case of failed test results. To connect to your Jira project proceed to Integrations -> JIRA Connection Here you need to place your project requisites information such as project server address, Jira username and password, project name and optional default components By marking checkboxes you can set automatic bug posting in case of failed result of test execution and automatic restoration of connection with Jira project upon each ZAPTEST start. Finally click connect and in case of successful connection with Jira you will see Jira connected badge on the bottom panel. After set up of connection with Jira project you can save your script there. You can also generate manual test steps documentation and export it to your Jira project. Let's see how it looks like in Jira. Here is the script. Here is the Documentation. On a script execution in case of test result is negative ZAPTEST automatically creates a bug within the project if corresponding checkbox marked. ZAPTEST also saves full test results to the project in this case.

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