GlobalStepDelay Option

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Step Delay option in ZAPTEST enables fixed delay before each step during a test run. Such delay may be necessary in a slow application environment, and helps eliminating large number of Wait steps. A user can set Step Delay in ZAPTEST Options. To access I need to expand TOOLS menu, and select Options item. On the Options dialog I navigate to the Runtime section. Delay value must be entered using number of milliseconds. To make a one second delay, I need to enter 1000, and press OK to save. Step Delay value can be also updated programmatically. In the script, I will type "zap", expand "Options" namespace, select "GlobalStepDelay" method, And provide new value in milliseconds. Let's run this script and watch for the delay in steps execution. Each step delay adds time to the test run duration. Global Step Delay value updated programmatically will remain in ZAPTEST Options, and it will affect all other tests run on this ZAPTEST instance.

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