GlobalTimeout Option

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Global Timeout option in ZAPTEST defines maximum time ZAPTEST can spend searching for an application or an object. Current Global Timeout value can be found in ZAPTEST Options. To do this I need to expand TOOLS menu, select Options, and on the Options dialog navigate to "Runtime" section. Default Global Timeout is 45 seconds. This is recommended value. If this value is not sufficient, it may cause errors in a very slow application environment. Then user can change it. New value must be entered using number of milliseconds. In my example I want to increase it to one minute, so I need to enter 60000, and click OK to save. The Global Timeout can be also updated programmatically. In the script, I will type "zap", expand "Options" namespace, select "GlobalTimeout" item, And provide new value in milliseconds. After running script with this step, the Global Timeout value will be updated in ZAPTEST Options. The new value will affect all other tests run on this ZAPTEST instance.

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