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In this video you will learn about GUI Map options To configure GUI Map options proceed to TOOLS - Options - GUI Map Here you have following options Auto switch to Extended View on application scanning you can see difference between extended and compact view the possible options are Ask User - so you'll be asked for selecting of the one of three main options Always - GUI Map will always open in extended view after scan of the application First scan only - GUI Map will open in extended view only for the first scan of the new ZAPTEST project Never - GUI Map will always open in compact view after scan of the application Next option is "Activate GUI Map window on startup" With this checkbix marked ZAPTEST will opens with GUI Map by default and if this checkbox unmarked ZAPTEST will opens with the tab that been opened before closing of ZAPTEST Automatic Edit Mode on object selection With this checkbox marked existing objects in GUI Map will be in edit mode - so you will be able to edit it immediately after selection If this checkbox unmarked you will need to select "Edit Object" for its modification in the right-click menu or in the GUI Map toolbar Disable Object Border animation With this option selected your existing objects border will be static, and with checkbox unmarked it will be animated - moving lines for better object identification by user. Animated borders requires just a little bit more CPU resource Activate GUI Map window after script execution With this checkbox marked ZAPTEST will always switch to GUI Map after script execution and if this checkbox unmarked ZAPTEST will switch to Datatable tab after script execution Show Runtime Object Coordinates This option used for debug purposes - if checkbox marked GUI Map shows object position during runtime as it currently exist in the application and if checkbox unmarked it shows object position as per object repository Set Highlight Colors This option allows you to set up custom colors for the highlighting of the different type of objects. Please refer dedicated video about objects highlighting

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