License Management

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License overview There are 2 type of license presented in ZAPTEST Concurrent license allows you to license your ZAPTEST aplication via ZAP License Server. Please make sure that License server up and running and has valid and available license. Enter your license server address and access port and click "submit" You can find detailed information about ZAP license server in dedicated video For the seat license you need to copy locking code and provide it to ZAPTEST team - you will get back License Key that need to be entered to the license key input line. Also you can use ZPX Locking Code utility to manage your license. It located in program files ZAPTEST folder in "Standalone" sub-folder Here you can retrieve locking code for generating of the seat license and enter license - either seat or concurrent To check your license state go to TOOLS - Options - License in ZAPTEST main application Here you find current license state and have an option to reset your license

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