BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium

Watch our video to get information about BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium. in this video we are going to demonstrate the advantage of BDD testing with zap test versus cucumber and selenium first we are going to perform test automation with cucumber and selenium we will be using a simple web-based test case to automate using either technology for cucumber automation we will use Eclipse IDE and the java programming language after setting libraries and dependencies for selenium and cucumber we will begin adding steps to the feature file using gherkin language next we will add a new class file which will contain the selenium steps writing test steps is a manual process in selenium after our test is completed we have a few options to run it we can use command line execution by cucumber or we can use build tools like ant or maven but we will run our tests using j-unit within Eclipse IDE after the test runs we can review the results generated by j-unit the results include the status and duration for each step defined in the Cucumber feature file now we're going to perform the same test automation with zap tests when using zap tests we start test script development by scanning the applications UI we can also scan mock-up images using zap test object recognition technology with this users can start test automation earlier in the application development cycle following this approach we will scan two images our first image represents the homepage during the scan zap test identifies all test objects and adds them to the objects list next we will scan our second mock-up image which is a whiteboard drawn version of the login page on the second view we need to add the relationship between edit fields and their labels for the username and password we will also manually define the new object to verify the welcome message after user login next we will add objects to the diagram and define our test steps for this we need to locate an object either in the GUI map or in the repository Explorer we can simply double-click the object or drag it into the diagram in the step view then we will select the appropriate operation from the list of methods to invoke the application under test when the test starts we will include a launch command and provide the browser name and address now we can run this test this test can be run using zap test UI it can also be run from HP ALM CA agile central or by any other tool through command line execution to view the test results we click the open last results button the test results open in a browser and include detailed information about the test run and individual steps using zap tests we can create test documentation on the dot component we press the generate button and zap test generates a documented version of our script from here we can store the documentation using various file formats or export it to HP ALM CA agile central Microsoft TFS or JIRA using the M run component we can execute the same test on multiple devices in parallel for remote execution zap test supports both mobile and conventional devices hosting Android iOS Windows Mac or UNIX operating systems we will run our test on to mobile devices Android and iOS and to Windows machines with Chrome and Firefox browsers [Music] when the test run is finished on all devices zap test will generate the test results the results will include the status and details for each device as you can see Zapp test has the advantage over the cucumber and selenium approach in many ways early test automation with Zapp test you can automate right at the initial phase of the sdlc by using mock-ups easy scripting zap test doesn't require advanced programming skills cross-platform portability zap test allows for execution test script as is on many application platforms ready test documentation zap test Auto generates plain language documentation just-in-time test execution zap test execute the same script on all required environments in parallel and most importantly zap test offers fast and easy test automation please visit our website at

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