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ZAPTEST provides native Windows support and can separate different types of windows and dialogs. With the native support, it also supports remote sessions via M-RUN or ZAP Viewer with additional application management: of any browsers or custom applications. As well as remote desktop sessions like Citrix and Virtual Machines. in this video we will demonstrate Citrix automation with zap test our test uses a browser to navigate to the Citrix URL it connects to the citrix session using the parameterised username and password from the list of posted applications the test selects the remote desktop client after connecting to the remote desktop our test verifies opening of a sample document in Excel and creating and printing a new document in Word after that the test closes the remote connection and logs off the citrix session let's run the test and review its results [Music] our test is past zap test successfully identified all UI elements in the browser the Citrix environment and the remote desktop applications for more information please visit our portal at WWE app test calm

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