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ZAPTEST aims to provide successful test automation solutions and processes in a bigger, better & more optimized way to help enterprises worldwide. Our ZAPTEST Enterprise Software+Services Solution is a high efficiency approach to test automation that will provide expertise to help your company increase ROI exponentially. Watch our video to get full information about our Software+Services model. software licenses are numbered and may be very costly as well as require an additional budget for personnel training on average 80% of software users only utilize 20% of the software functionality due to lack of time from daily tasks as a result companies are not getting their full ROI from the software and at some point stop using that software at SAP we provide you with maximum results of your testing process SAP test offers unlimited licenses and ongoing expertise zap test is a high-efficiency functional and performance testing software for UI and API validation cross-platform with SAP tests you can automate testing of any application meet any development schedule and accommodate any personnel skill set unlimited licenses are offered to zap test Enterprise users through software plus services onboarding how does it work it's very simple SAP test will engage one SAP expert remotely as your full time consultant we will be providing unlimited licenses of SAP tests Enterprise Edition to be used by your team for any type of testing the key benefits here are that you can construct any testing process based on your application technology release cycles and team availability without worrying about the number and type of licenses per task and you will have a tool expert on staff that will assure efficient implementation of software coaching of your team and generating the highest ROI of your test automation in addition this is a monthly subscription that allows you to stop services at any time so what are the main advantages of that test offerings unlimited licenses ongoing expertise continuous test automation request your SAP test demo today

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