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ZAPTEST evaluation demonstration takes no more than 60 minutes where during this session the ZAPTEST team will discuss test automation objectives and will demonstrate functionalities. After the demo, you could schedule the live POC session! a software evaluation may be a long process considering your team might be busy with daily tasks at zapp we are helping you to expedite this the zap test enterprise solution evaluation is based on two main phases product demo and live poc a product demo is an online session and takes approximately 60 minutes during this session the zap test team will discuss your test automation objectives and will demonstrate zap test functionalities after the demo you may schedule the live poc session a live poc is an online session and takes approximately 120 minutes during the poc a zap expert will be performing test automation of your suggested test case over remote control using zap test free edition installed on your workstation alternatively you can share pre-recorded zap test video scenarios of your test case a zap expert will prepare poc scripts in advance and will execute them using your environment during the online meeting every demo and poc session will be recorded and offered to you afterward for sharing within your organization for more information please visit us on zaptest.com

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