Linux Demo

ZAPTEST provides universal platform support via remote management: using M-RUN technology or ZAP Viewer. These platforms don't need any additional native support and can be remote controlled from ZAPTEST Windows based installation - it's easy to control all operating systems using UI objects only. in this video we will demonstrate how to automate testing of an application on a linux environment we start our test by running the configuration file the file provides connectivity information to our demo Ubuntu machine once we connect to it via the Zap viewer we will have full control of the Linux graphical users interface our tests will open the Thunderbird mail client and use the chat account wizard to add a new twitter account after adding the account our test will located in the accounts list verify the account settings and remove the account in our final step the test will close the Thunderbird mail client and verify the default Ubuntu display let's run this test and review its results [Music] the test results show a past status meaning that zap test was able to identify all the Ubuntu UI elements and successfully follow all the test steps for more information please visit our portal

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