M-RUN Overview Video

M-RUN Technology. In this video we will learn how to launch the script in M-RUN mode. M-RUN enables parallel execution of the same test script on multiple workstations and mobile devices. When using M-RUN test automation teams can expedite regression testing by including devices, all required environments or AUT configurations. zap test multi-run enables parallel execution of the same test on multiple workstations and mobile devices using emraan test automation teams expedite regression testing by including devices for all required environments or aut configurations for example cross browser or cross platform test execution Zab test supports different ways to connect to devices used for testing they can be local mobile devices plugged in directly to the Zap test hosting computer via USB cable or they can be mobile or conventional devices access through zap farm private cloud or they can be remote devices where connectivity information is stored in the form of a configuration file em run provides the ability to manually control devices and to execute tests against individual devices which can be useful for debugging but its main purpose is to run tests on all connected devices in parallel em run dashboard makes it very convenient to monitor progress of the test on all devices simultaneously the dashboard visual indicator assigns a distinct color for each device and scripting area uses the colors at runtime to highlight the executed steps on respective devices if there is a need to get a better view of any particular device the user can navigate to the devices tab where the user can pause or stop test execution at any time you multi-run execution test results conveniently presents the status for each device and the expandable reports section shows details and images for all steps thank you for watching for more information please visit our website

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