Micro Focus ALM Integration

Full integration with HP ALM * HP ALM Manual Test to ZAPTEST conversion. * Scheduled ZAPTEST Execution from HP ALM Test Lab * Conversion of automated test cases into manual test steps * ZAPTEST Versioning zap test is proud to present full integration with HP ALM let's take a sample manual test case from ALM that has three manual steps and three defined parameters with their default values now simply open the stats case from zap test and it will be automatically prepared for automation the script view is populated with information about the test and the manual steps epirus comments so now it's much easier to automate this test also the parameters are automatically populated in a data table with their default values when you are done automating the test you can simply save it back to NLM notice the test had been updated our script now appears in attachments tab and this test case is ready to be run from the test lab drag it into a test set and click run you can run zap test from NLM on a local machine or remote and when the test execution is complete the results are uploaded back to ALM and store for review or test run pass successfully let's go to test runs module to check the detailed results you can find them in the attachments tab simply double-click the results file and see the details of each executed step Zeb doc lets you save time by writing the manual test documentation for you simply take any automated script make the zap test and with a single click of a button you can convert it to a manual test case and store it in LM project the automated scripts are converted into plain language test steps which can be viewed in the LMS design stab stab thank you for watching we invite you to go to our portal to get started today

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