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Now ZAPTEST allows you create OCR object property templates for specific object scanning and recognition. A new "OCR Templates" can be set up via property of an object. By creating template you can then apply this particular object properties to multiple existing objects or scan new objects with specific properties preset. For example we can apply OCR partial recognition type along with High level of precision to some of the objects from the repository. To do that simply create the template by clicking Template property. Then click "Create Template" and provide name for the template. Then select checkbox of your template and click "Apply to multiple objects" and then select objects from repository. That's it. Selected objects now has properties as per your template. Also you can use template as alternative object OCR configuration during runtime. Click to the OCR templates and select checkbox of template you want to use as alternative to current object property, this alternative configuration will be applied if actual OCR configuration will not get the result. Another thing is scanning of the new application using template. In the templates list click flag Use for GUI Map - Scanning, then open Scan UI extended list and select "Scan using template" The OCR objects that will be found on the scanned application will have properties according to the template. Templates list also can be found at "TOOLS" -> "Template Editor" The templates can be exported to the file and then imported in another project.

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