PDF Test Automation

Test automation of PDF documents and files using ZAPTEST Test Automation Tool. in this video we will demonstrate how that test can be used to test PDF forms here we have a PDF form opened in Acrobat Reader we will use that test to interact with the drop-down list with the radio button with the checkboxes with the list box with the table and with both the numeric and text fields afterwards we will try to print the form verify that the print dialog shows up and reset the form after collecting the test objects in developing the test using the sap test script list approach i'm going to run it as you can see zap tests can interact with all the objects in the PDF form we have no problem clicking we have no problem typing and we have no problem identifying any of the objects even when we have a pop-up dialog we are able to verify objects inside it dismiss it and then reset the form now that the test run is finished let's go to the results first we will make sure details of all the steps are included next we will expand the objects as you can see we have this screenshot of each and every object that we have interacted with and for every verification that we've done with exist method we have high precision reported and of course at the end we are also able to reset the PDF form please visit zapped Escom to start using zap test today

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