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rpa test test+rpa ZAPTEST is able to automate any business process by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. This is a form of automation which is based on a workflow scheme where each element uses 1SCRIPT. Automate any business scenario and increase productivity. jill is a back office specialist at abc enterprises she is performing daily manual processing of vendors account payable and account receivable data into a number of software systems within her company she finds these processes very repeatable and time-consuming jill is a member of a large department where her colleagues are performing the same processes abc enterprises has onboarded zap test rpa to automate these processes and to allow jill and her department to focus on other tasks zaptest rpa offers full process automation across applications how does it work it includes the three following phases planning process recording and automation the planning phase involves identifying processes to be automated input output data to be used and objects to be interacted with within these processes through the zap workflow diagram technology during the process recording phase jill and her team members will use the zap video scenario functionality to record actual process steps zap automation specialists will use video scenarios to develop the process automation modules replicating recorded scenarios and construct them into process flow with passing input output data and that's it now zap test rpa-based automation will be executing back-office processes running simultaneously on multiple workstations repeatedly allowing jill and her team to focus on other daily tasks and to save abc enterprises over seventy percent man-hours annually zap test rpa allows organizations to automate any manual processes auto execute supporting documentation and to execute these processes cross-platform to learn more about zap test please visit us on zaptest.com

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