Salesforce automation with ZAPTEST

in this video we will demonstrate how to automate a Salesforce application with zap test will run it in different browsers with a single test let's run it first it will be run with a Chrome browser we will login to the application once inside we are going to create a new contact fill in the name the last name account name and email next we are going to save the information and verify it then we will delete it and verify that the contact has been successfully deleted now we are going to log out and switch to the next browser next we will perform the same steps with a Firefox browser you after the script finishes we are going to review the results here you can see the iterations according to each browser you can also see that all the steps have passed successfully next let's generate a test steps documentation with the dock functionality click a single button and in a few seconds you will see a detailed document defining our test procedures step by step this information can be saved as a document or exported to a test management platform and finally let's show you how zap tests can handle multiple devices we will run a Salesforce script on a mobile and desktop devices you after the execution finishes we can view the results according to each device and see that every step has passed successfully for more information please visit our zap test portal and refer to the users own section or contact us via chat forum or email thank you

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