ZAP Recorder - Generate Test Automation from Videos

With recorder functionality you are able to create video scenario of test case, then you can watch and demonstrate this scenario and generate views that can be used for building of the test script. welcome to Zap test in this video I will demonstrate the Zap test recorder the recorder is a new feature that allows subject matter experts to record step test scenarios in the course of my demonstration I will create a simple test scenario then I will develop an automated test based on my scenario and finally I will generate test documentation from my script to use the recorder I need to navigate to the recorder tab and press the record screen button that test will now start the recording process and provide the recorder toolbar which will allow me to pause resume stop and capture screenshots for now I will simply follow my business process steps now I'm going to record a simple test case just to navigate to the login page and perform the user login steps once I finished my test case I need to press stop on the toolbar after the recorder has completed zap tests will generate a video file and screenshots for the scenario I can use the recorder controls to playback the video file and generate additional screenshots from the current video frame as a test engineer I can use controls available in the scenario tab to view the screenshots add missing ones and to convert screenshots into test objects to do this I will need to press the generate views button zap test has now processed visual information on the screenshots and created a list of objects as a next step I can review saved objects and add missing objects as needed now I can use the object to create a test group this test script will now be executed against a live application engine once the test script is complete I can use it to generate script documentation thank you for watching this video for more information on zap tests please visit our website at zap test comm today

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