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Error: Not Found In The Repository

Error: Not Found In The Repository


This kind of error happens when script line cannot find the corresponding to the repository object. All objects in the script use the following Tree model:

  • Application([Application Name]).View([View Name]).Object([Object Name])

In addition, the final object type and name could have additional parent objects of different types. For example, login object on the main ZAPTEST page could have the following line identification:

  • Application(“Application”).View(“View”).Object(“Login”)

Object types and names you could find using “Repository Explorer” and “Object Properties” windows:


Each object identification line as the result should have a method call, for example, we can perform a mouse click operation:

  • Application(“Application”).View(“View”).Object(“Login”).Click

Please, check out our documentation page to get additional information about ZAPTEST methods.

How to Resolve this problem:

  • Check, that object with the given path exists in the repository
  • Recreate object from existing objects in the object repository (using “GUI Map” or “Repository Explorer” windows)

When this error could happen:

  • When we have renamed the object name without updating the script
  • When we have written the object line from scratch

To avoid this error we have to:

  • Always use automatic line building by dragging the object or clicking on it in “GUI Map” or “Repository Explorer” windows
  • Accept automatic object renaming during changing the object name

What to do:

As additional, please watch the video – how to scan application and work with object repository: