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Empower QA Excellence: Smart Automation for Every Skillset.

  • AI + Computer Vision Technology
  • WebDriver Integration
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Full-time ZAP Expert
  • 1SCRIPT Cross-Platform
  • Task-Agnostic Automation
  • Up to 10 X ROI
  • FREE & Enterprise Editions
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Enterprise Solution for Software Testing and Business Operation Automation

ZAPTEST is the leading Enterprise software testing and business operation automation (RPA) tool. By skyrocketing efficiency in the software automation process, ZAPTEST will increase your company productivity, reduce costs, and achieve up to 10 X testing ROI.

AI + Computer Vision Technology

AI + Computer Vision: Harnessing the synergy of artificial intelligence and visual perception to automate tasks, enhance security, and unlock new possibilities across diverse industries.
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WebDriver Integration

ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Integration technology allows you to ramp up your testing capabilities by automating interactions with web elements. The result is quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive tests and improved test management.
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ZAPTEST Copilot is an AI-driven functionality integrated into the ZAPTEST platform. It acts as your co-pilot in automation scripting, generating intelligent code snippets that not only save time but also optimize test runs.
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Unlimited Licenses

With ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Solution subscription program, you receive unlimited licenses across the entire organization. Regardless of whether your automation needs increase, your cost remains fixed.
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Task-Agnostic Automation

The cutting-edge solution for streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and achieving automation excellence across industries.
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Full-time ZAP Expert

Full-time ZAP Expert: A dedicated professional proficient in leveraging ZAP technology for seamless automation, optimizing workflows, and boosting productivity.
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FREE & Enterprise Editions

ZAPTEST: Choose from FREE & Enterprise Editions to meet your automation needs. FREE for starters, Enterprise for advanced testing and automation solutions.
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Self-Healing Test Automation

Self-healing test automation through dynamic updates to object selectors by smart object recognition.
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RPA COE Automation

With ZAPTEST, you get a Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence in every level of your organization. You will increase your overall efficiency while reducing human error and manual testing.
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“Enterprises consolidate and standardize systems and processes across the entire organization to gain efficiencies, improve yield and quality, enhance manageability, and increase agility.”

Free & Enterprise Test Tools To Automate Any Application

ZAPTEST uses many practical applications to enhance both its free and enterprise level software testing software capabilities

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Cross-Platform execution is one of the main advantages of ZAPTEST. With a single ZAPTEST Module it’s easy to execute the script on any platform. ZAPTEST completely supports the following platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and others

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Agile isn’t just a software test automation tool. Agile is a methodology. Through the promotion of adaptive planning throughout a software development process and ZAPTEST’s testing suite, continuous testing becomes possible.

Your project’s developer and test engineer are working from the same script, the original application mock-up right out of the gate. While the development team focuses on code-writing, the testing group captures objects from the mock-ups and early development, allowing them to create and execute test scripts.

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Writing individual scripts for multiple mobile platforms is tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. That is where ZAPTEST shines. Write one script for all platforms, including Windows, macOS , Mobile: Android, and iOS. 

The suite of mobile tools
  • M-RUN Technology – allows parallel execution of a single test script across multiple mobile devices, expediting regression testing by including all devices.
  • ZAP Viewer – brings the ‘one script plays anywhere’ methodology to life, allowing the establishment of a connection with a remote workforce, so everyone is on the same page, whether working from a web-based or mobile connection.
  • Device Manager – offering complete control of all applications, reporting device status and history, pre-configuring apps, and even automatic device prep and setup.
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Utilizing ZAPTEST’s 1SCRIPT technology, your team can automate testing across all the major browsers. Instead of tuning a test script for a particular browser, develop a single script and run it on just about any browser.

Supported Browsers

This proprietary technology is in line with ZAPTEST’s strategic and tactical vision for executing automated testing, and it requires no modification across:

All versions of Internet Explorer (IE/EDGE)
Et cetera

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1SCRIPT doesn’t just create compatibility across browsers. It also automates your testing across native applications. Use the GUI Scan tool to capture objects, create a testing script, and execute it with mouse clicks.

Supported Platforms

You don’t have to be a computer programmer to harness the power of ZAPTEST across platforms like:

  • Mac OSX 
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Unix

Freeing your business from platform dependencies is essential for maximizing the benefits of process automation. And ZAPTEST is the best software test automation tool for automated processes.

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An application program interface (API) is essential for communication with both your internal and external partners and the teams that drive your innovation. Your data cannot be leveraged across your stakeholders without an integrated API, bogging all of your integration efforts. But it must also function within your user interface. 

ZAPTEST API Automation

That is where ZAPTEST’s API automation testing software comes in. It supports blending API and UI objects into a single script, enabling a single execution to test both the front and back ends of your application. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that, and the ZAPTEST API automation testing tool works with most major web service technologies, such as:

  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • WADL
  • REST
  • XML
  • JSON 
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All the best coding and app development in the world will fall flat on its face if it can’t meet the required performance demand. Utilize ZAPTEST’s load testing tools to measure the performance capacity of your API server in high-demand situations to make sure your infrastructure can scale up to meet the needs of your app and the consumers using it

Our Process

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Complimentary services are delivered remotely by one ZAP Expert per account using full functionality of ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition.

Our Experts will work alongside your existing team members.

With our tool, there is no need for purchasing multiple software licenses to optimize your test automation.

ZAPTEST Enterprise Solution is an all-inclusive software and services contract.

Our free test automation tool can save you time and money by reducing time to market, bug issues after market, and man hours – our solution delivers Just-In-Time!

High ROI

Because a subscription to ZAPTEST Enterprise locks in fixed costs and offers unlimited licenses, your software automation expenses are predictable and consistent. That permits transparent budgeting, and when combined with testing through a certified implementation process and continuous automation for any task resulting in up to 10 X ROI, your efficiency may yield tremendous savings.

ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Software + Services remote support allows for a higher ROI with certified implementation and a ZAP Expert working with 24/7 availability for your team. That is how you maximize your return on investment, keeping your investors happy and your teams looking to the next successful project. Of course, a powerful free edition of our test automation tools is available too!

Cross-Platform 1SCRIPT Execution


Our proprietary 1SCRIPT technology can automate against any UI and API-based Application. Combine API and UI logic in a single script. Test cross-platform applications with our free and enterprise test automation tools, and bring your applications to a new quality level.

ZAPTEST Free Automation Suite within 1SCRIPT Technology allows running of a single script on multiple platforms. It uses ZAP Object Engine (ZOE) and Advanced Object Detection algorithms which employ multiple visible parameters of objects under test.


ZAPTEST’s free test automation tools offer flexible test automation for any skillset in your Quality Assurance organization from manual testers to application developers using either No-Code (Script-Less, Icon-driven) or Scripted (VBScript or JavaScript) workflow, by adopting state of art Computer Vision technology.

Up to 10 X ROI

1SCRIPT technology tremendously increases ROI and reduces maintenance of test automation frameworks.

All we need is to create a single test script using only one platform and then use it on all other platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

It can also be used on multiple browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, and many others.


The Script created using one platform can be executed on any other platform. For example: the script developed in Chrome Browser on Windows can be played on mobile iOS Safari as-is; the script developed on desktop app on Linux can be executed on macOS without any modifications. ZAPTEST scripts are easy to execute on other browsers: Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or even on different operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, or Android


1SCRIPT technology executes the script and generates a detailed report for each environment or platform where the script has been executed.

The report contains detailed information about each step of the execution: mouse clicks, moves, keyboard typing, and others. Each step also contains screenshots of the current state of AUT.

Why include 1SCRIPT in our free test automation software?
  • Faster test development
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Cross-platform execution with a single script
  • Faster time to market
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Unlimited Licenses

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Unlike our free edition test automation tools, Unlimited Enterprise Licenses are offered to ZAPTEST Enterprise users through Software + Services on-boarding and can be used by your entire organization for any type of testing, without any limitations.

The key benefit of this is so that you can construct any testing process based on your application technology, release cycles, and team availability without worrying about the number and type of licenses needed for tasks.

Regardless of whether your software automation needs increase, with ZAPTEST Enterprise the cost of your test automation tools remains fixed.

ZAPTEST Copilot and No Code

Experience the power of ZAPTEST Copilot, an innovative feature seamlessly combining simplicity with sophistication in our suite of software testing tools. Unlike other automation tools that demand advanced programming skills, ZAPTEST stands out by offering a user-friendly experience suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals, all without writing a single line of code.

Copilot takes the simplicity of automated testing to new heights. Once you’ve selected objects for testing, achieving complex automated scripts is just a few clicks away. Whether you’re a coding expert or a novice, ZAPTEST Copilot ensures a streamlined and efficient testing process.

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Parallel Execution

M-RUN provides parallel cross-browser and cross-platform execution. Parallel execution accelerates time multiplied by the number of devices per given test runs and allows for just in time regression testing delivery.

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M-RUN enables parallel execution of the same test script on multiple workstations and mobile devices

When using M-RUN test automation teams can expedite regression testing by including devices, all required environments or AUT configurations

Device Interaction

ZAPTEST supports different ways to connect to devices used for testing:

  • Local mobile devices plugged in directly to the ZAPTEST hosting computer
  • Connectivity information of remote devices stored in the form of a configuration file
  • Mobile or conventional devices accessed through FARM Private Cloud

Device Manager

ZAPTEST Device Manager provides ability to prepare devices for testing, i.e. manually run applications, set browser URL or custom settings, etc

All Device Manager interactions can also be automated using 1SCRIPT or M-RUN technologies As an additional instrument Device Manager allows for gathering of extra information from devices such as: logs, screenshots and others.

M-RUN Dashboard

M-RUN Dashboard makes it very convenient to monitor the progression of tests on all devices simultaneously

Dashboard Visual Indicators assign distinct colors for each device and the scripting area uses these colors at runtime to highlight the executed steps for respective devices. If there's a need to get a better view of any particular device, there are special tabs for each device


M-RUN generates test results after script execution which conveniently presents the status of each device and expandable report sections with details and images for all steps.


ZAPTEST’s free test automation tools support integrations with popular application development and testing tools.


JIRA integration allows you to save project scripts and documentation.

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ZAPTEST presents our full integration with Rally (formerly CA Agile Central).

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Micro Focus Quality Center

Run script execution from Micro Focus Quality Center locally or remotely (formerly HP ALM).

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Azure Devops Server

Azure Devops Server (formerly Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Services).

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Automatically execute test scripts each time Jenkins builds a new version.

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Recorded Tests

ZAPTEST’s free and enterprise software tools streamline test automation development of the Waterfall process by offering collaboration of Subject Matter Experts or manual testers and Test Automation Specialists. Subject Matter Experts can record test procedures as ZAPTEST Video Scenarios that can be used by Test Automation Specialists to develop test automation scripts. Advantages include no upfront manual labor writing test cases for automation, avoiding communication gaps between Subject Matter Experts and Test Automation Specialists, and expediting collaborative work efforts.

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Early Automation

Mock-up Based Test Automation allows for working on modules from the beginning of Project Development: QA engineers work on test modules while developers are working on an application. The test module validates not only the UI interactions but the full business logic of the application and is ready by the first release. With both our free and enterprise edition automation tools, it’s easy to build a test Module using mock-ups and to generate test documentation.

Mock-up Development

Start test development based only on Mock-Ups of the application: no wasting time or waiting for the first build. ZAPTEST’s free and enterprise test automation software uses OCR and Image-Based types of objects: it’s easy to develop test cases knowing the technical documentation and all logic of the application: just start by scanning mock-ups.

Object Mapping

Object mapping allows for the mapping of UI objects from mock-ups into ZAPTEST objects: moreover, it automatically detects most of the objects, just filter objects not needed and use it. By having all objects in the ZAP Repository we only have to create test logic, which will be single for all platforms.


DOC is a tool that helps test automation engineers work on test documentation. With a click of a button, DOC converts the automated test case into test documentation, which effortlessly exports into DOC, RTF, HTML, CVS, or XML formats or even into an integrated system like HP ALM, TFS/VSTS, CA, or JIRA.

1 Script / 1 Click

The main feature of DOC is creating test documentation in one click. Have an automated ZAPTEST Module? And now need documentation? Click on the “Generate From Script” button and documentation will be generated automatically. ZAPTEST’s free test automation tool can regenerate documentation without any data loss.

Testing Tools Integration

DOC supports integration with HP ALM, JIRA, VSTS/TFS and CA Agile Central test documentation and management. Just configure connections to these services and then it’s really easy to export the test documentation.

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Private Cloud Device Hosting Management

FARM is a private cloud device hosting management solution. It allows organizations to acquire remote access and manage mobile devices and workstations. All users and teams inside the organization can use devices for cross-platform and cross-environment application development and testing.

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All users and teams inside the organization can use devices for cross-platform and cross-environment application development and testing.

  • All Platforms and Browsers supported
  • Remote Management of applications
  • Manual & Automated testing
  • Multi-Site Device Distribution
  • Unlimited number of Users, Groups, and Devices


FARM supports remote control and management of any hardware: iOS, Android, Windows, Unix and Mac OS.

Its architecture is very simple: the user connects to a single point of access - the ZAP Control Center. The Control Center then transfers the connection to the ZAP Device Gateway where the mobile devices are connected through a USB cable.

Private Cloud Server

ZAPTEST Private Cloud runs on an internet server and provides managed access for real devices.

User can control and manage any platform remotely with a single click, including installation and removal of applications on the device.

Using FARM multi-site you can distribute your devices across multiple locations.

Performance Testing

LOAD allows measuring the quality of service (QoS) of API-based servers: HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML, and other technologies. The LOAD test is based on Scripted or No-Code (Script-Less) 1SCRIPT technology and completely mimics actual customer behavior.

LOAD allows any API-based (HTTP) servers and includes advanced Data Allocation Management.

Additionally, it allows multiple VUser groups per Test and many Load Generator Scenarios (Constant, Ramp Up and Down), as well as different SLA Criteria. Learn more about performance and load testing, and our performance testing functionality.

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Case Study

Michael runs IT & Digitalization for one of our (now) clients. He came to us with one challenge brought to him by Sam(head of procurement)who was manually performing a very large number of invoice processing tasks. They invest a lot of labour in these repetitive processes, but automating them would have required additional time, money, and expertise that the company did not have.

ZAPTEST automation was an ideal fit for this challenge, as it allows for seamless end-user processes through any digital interface regardless of Application Under Automation. As such, Zaptest, the IT and Procurement functions worked together and ultimately delivered a variety of high-performing scripts for RPA bots that took over more than 98% of daily executions. In practice, during the automated process, Sam’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) record ZAPTEST Video Scenarios used by Michael’s specialists for automation. They auto-generate documentation coverage and schedule bots for mass execution using multiple virtual workstations.

Unlike other available solutions, ZAPTEST doesn't require application instrumentation and executes AS-IS. Thanks to the collaboration with ZAPTEST, Michael’s team has moved into a centralized role within their organization, offering generalized TEST + RPA process automation that is now used by Dev/Test as well as Ops teams, saving the company over 70% of the operational budget.

See it in Action

Let’s see what ZAPTEST can do. As the leading enterprise software testing automation tool, ZAPTEST boosts rich functionality which ultimately leads to up to 10 X ROI. ZAPTEST’s GUI is intuitive, making it a suitable choice for all levels of coding experience wanting to use powerful testing tools. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some clicks with a mouse to run automated performance and load tests. Or, for more advanced users, implement your own manual coding.

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Recent Articles


Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions on software testing automation tools.

Is Coding Required for Software Testing?
Software testing used to require coding. But ZAPTEST’s software automation test tools require no coding skills, making ZAPTEST an ideal workplace for novice testers.
However, it also appeals to more experienced developers looking to take full advantage of the tool’s testing horsepower in the ZAPTEST engine.
Which free tools are you using for software testing?
With ZAPTEST, you are not stuck in a single stack of tests or comparing notes with a remote coworker. Instead, the rich functionality and full-stack nature of our free software testing automation tools are ideal for enterprise-level applications that require modern testing approaches.

By utilizing the entire suite of free software test tools within the ZAPTEST framework, you are ensuring that your software’s development is efficient and can deliver on the promises made to investors.

What is a Software Test Automation Tool?
Enterprise and free test automation software allow the quality-assurance engineers to verify the proper functioning of software before it goes live. Through scripted actions that can span devices, environments, and platforms, the testing team can compare their results with the predictions and plans of the programming team.

This sort of testing streamlines the entire development process, speeding the delivery of software to the market and maximizing the ROI for the company stakeholders.

What is a free Software Testing Tool?
Free software testing tools allow developers and their testing engineers to ensure that a software package or app delivers on its design premise. That means functioning according to the design, yielding the desired product, and having the capacity to meet the load demand.

Traditional free tools for software testing require painstaking design, and they usually lack the capacity to test across platforms or through complicated scenarios. They are limited to specific silos of testing and by the programmer’s skills.