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Functional and Performance testing
+ Robotic process automation

Automate Your Applications Fast!

  • Any-Task Automation
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Fixed-Budget Expenditure
  • Seamless Development
  • Certified Implementation

Hyperautomation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can be automated will be automated. Competitive pressures for efficiency, efficacy and business agility are forcing organizations to address back-, middle- and front-office opeations. Organizations that resist the pressures will struggle to remain competitive or to differentiate... Business-driven hyperautomation is a disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many approved business and IT processes as possible.

ZAPTEST Software Testing tool


Script against any UI, test Web Services, Document with one-click, Execute in parallel, and host your test environment with in-house private cloud


Measure end-to-end System Under Load transactions response time with Functional test scripts, or newly recorded business processes


Seamlessly automate back-office operations cross-application leveraging existing UI + API scripts

Meet Any Schedule and Budget

  • Start automation early for Agile | DevOps
  • Increase productivity
  • Advance testing readiness
This product has allowed us to develop automated tests on application features not yet available in a dev or test environment. I was able to develop the objects and scripts from screenshots, mock-ups and developer local build. Once feature was available in the test environment, there were minimal to no changes needed.
Greg Calabrese

Automate Faster

  • Script any GUI software: Desktop; Mobile; Web
  • 1Script executes in parallel on any test environment at once
  • Auto-generate test documentation with one click
We can write our codes just after the functional docs are prepared, and we can straight away start testing the application in the system testing phase itself.
Arupratan Ghosh
System engineer at a tech consulting company with 1000+ employees

Increase ROI

  • Align QA with the business
  • Reduce cost of testing
  • Assure business growth through the quality
On average, I get two cycles per week and that only requires the attention of two people. It saves us a lot of time and gets us to production quicker.
Tim Smith
Director of QA, Government Organization, 1000+ employees

Increase ROI

  • Reduce Man-Hours
  • Optimize Productivity
  • Lower Cost


The Ultimate Automation Suite

iOS & Android app management, VBScript/Javascript, Visual Object Mapping and much more...
Simultaneous script execution on multiple platforms
Auto-generate test documentation from VBScript/Javascript scripts
ZAPTEST API testing feature provides support for SOAP, REST, WSDL, WADL, XML, JSON and other web service technologies
Manage devices and applications under test in a secure environment within their own organization
API LOAD Testing uses 1SCRIPT technology to generate load data on multiple distributed generators

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