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Enterprise Performance / Load Test Automation Tool


  • Computer Vision Technology
  • WebDriver Integration
  • 1SCRIPT Cross-Platform
  • Unlimited License
  • Task-Agnostic Automation
  • Full-time ZAP Expert
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Enterprise Tool To Automate Any Application

ZAPTEST’s full stack tool can automate performance testing for any API and app on any platform. We provide an enterprise-level, cross-platform, cross-application tool for software testing automation and robotic process automation. Automate load testing and performance testing easily with our tool’s rich functionality and features.

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Why ZAPTEST for Automated Performance Tests?

ZAPTEST is an enterprise-level performance and load testing automated software tool that also provides a powerful edition. Our tool offers state of art functionality to make ZAPTEST the best choice for automated performance tests.

free performance testing tool and load test software from ZAPTEST
  • Unlimited licenses: Use our tool to automate as many load and performance tests as you need across your organization.
  • Cross-platform support: Automate your performance and load tests on any platform, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • One-click document conversion: Easily convert your documents to get your website performance test scripts up and running.
  • High ROI: ZAPTEST’s performance and load testing automated software is cost-effective, saves time, and delivers up to 10X ROI. 
  • Live testing: Use ZAPTEST’s automated tool to see your website load and performance test in real-time before you run it.
  • Codeless: Our performance automation testing tool allows for automated load testing without writing a line of code.
  • Agile: Work the way you want with ZAPTEST’s Agile support. We offer a completely edition of our automation testing suite that supports Agile Development methodology.
  • Parallel execution: Run multiple performance and load tests for, simultaneously to save time.
  • Mock-up tests: Create realistic simulations of your app’s behavior for website load tests and website performance tests.​

Applications of ZAPTEST for Performance Testing Automation

ZAPTEST’s full-stack tool is used for performance automated testing in many fields, including contact centers, human resources, claims processing, finance and accounting, IT, legal, and healthcare.

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Cross-Platform execution is one of the main advantages of ZAPTEST. With a single ZAPTEST Module it’s easy to execute the script on any platform. ZAPTEST completely supports the following platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and others

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Agile isn’t just a software test automation tool. Agile is a methodology. Through the promotion of adaptive planning throughout a software development process and ZAPTEST’s testing suite, continuous testing becomes possible.

Your project’s developer and test engineer are working from the same script, the original application mock-up right out of the gate. While the development team focuses on code-writing, the testing group captures objects from the mock-ups and early development, allowing them to create and execute test scripts.

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Writing individual scripts for multiple mobile platforms is tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. That is where ZAPTEST shines. Write one script for all platforms, including Windows, macOS , Mobile: Android, and iOS. 

The suite of mobile tools
  • M-RUN Technology – allows parallel execution of a single test script across multiple mobile devices, expediting regression testing by including all devices.
  • ZAP Viewer – brings the ‘one script plays anywhere’ methodology to life, allowing the establishment of a connection with a remote workforce, so everyone is on the same page, whether working from a web-based or mobile connection.
  • Device Manager – offering complete control of all applications, reporting device status and history, pre-configuring apps, and even automatic device prep and setup.
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Utilizing ZAPTEST’s 1SCRIPT technology, your team can automate testing across all the major browsers. Instead of tuning a test script for a particular browser, develop a single script and run it on just about any browser.

Supported Browsers

This proprietary technology is in line with ZAPTEST’s strategic and tactical vision for executing automated testing, and it requires no modification across:

All versions of Internet Explorer (IE/EDGE)
Et cetera

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1SCRIPT doesn’t just create compatibility across browsers. It also automates your testing across native applications. Use the GUI Scan tool to capture objects, create a testing script, and execute it with mouse clicks.

Supported Platforms

You don’t have to be a computer programmer to harness the power of ZAPTEST across platforms like:

  • Mac OSX 
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Unix

Freeing your business from platform dependencies is essential for maximizing the benefits of process automation. And ZAPTEST is the best software test automation tool for automated processes.

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An application program interface (API) is essential for communication with both your internal and external partners and the teams that drive your innovation. Your data cannot be leveraged across your stakeholders without an integrated API, bogging all of your integration efforts. But it must also function within your user interface. 

ZAPTEST API Automation

That is where ZAPTEST’s API automation testing software comes in. It supports blending API and UI objects into a single script, enabling a single execution to test both the front and back ends of your application. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that, and the ZAPTEST API automation testing tool works with most major web service technologies, such as:

  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • WADL
  • REST
  • XML
  • JSON 
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All the best coding and app development in the world will fall flat on its face if it can’t meet the required performance demand. Utilize ZAPTEST’s load testing tools to measure the performance capacity of your API server in high-demand situations to make sure your infrastructure can scale up to meet the needs of your app and the consumers using it

Performance & Load Testing Automation with ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Software

Load or Performance testing is an essential part of an application development lifecycle. ZAPTEST as the market leader in and enterprise software testing and RPA provides all the necessary tools to develop a robust load-testing framework.
They allow ZAPTEST users to construct performance tests to answer critical questions about system performance and end-user experience:

  • Does the Application Under Test (AUT) respond quickly enough for intended users?
  • Can the System Under Test (SUT) handle the expected number of active users and beyond?
  • Can the SUT support the amount of transactions required by the business?
  • Will the AUT remain stable under expected or unexpected load conditions?
  • And most importantly will the users have a positive experience when the release goes live?

In a load testing framework real users are replaced with virtual users. Virtual users follow test script steps to mimic real users’ actions. Multiple virtual users can operate concurrently on the same host machine, and multiple hosts can be utilized to scale up the load.

A special type of test script is required for load testing. ZAPTEST allows scripts developed for API functional testing, or scripts recorded with the API Recorder Tool. Users can use this performance testing tool to capture the communication between a Web Browser or Client Application and a Server. The captured information is then automatically converted to API objects and test steps.

A recorded script can be further enhanced by defining transactions, parameters, wait steps, verification points, and by correlating dynamic values.

The API Correlation Manager Tool offers assistance in locating the values and defining correlation steps throughout the performance testing process.

Load test scripts often need to use complex and extensive test data. ZAPTEST’s performance and load testing tools provide a test data management mechanism to supply the data values using different sources and different formats. The same mechanism ensures data allocation and distribution among users according to the business process rules.

The LOAD Studio tool in ZAPTEST is a one-stop utility to construct and execute performance and load testing scenarios. The scenario design components help to define all load attributes – business processes, the number of users, test run duration, load configurations like slow ramp-up and ramp-down, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) or pass/fail criteria based on response times or errors. It offers an easy way to switch between test data sources and select the desired load generating host.

ZAPTEST’s performance and load testing tools allow for multiple load generators to be configured on different servers at different locations. This helps to scale-up the number of users, and to imitate load from different locations or IP addresses.

During a test run ZAPTEST users can monitor basic load parameters and error logs.

The comprehensive results report uses HTML format and includes statistics and graphs for every step or transaction that was present in the test scripts. The report also lists all errors returned by the server, step, and transaction statuses according to Service Level Agreements. Each performance graph included in our edition software offers drill-down features that help to reveal performance-related test issues.

Advantages of Using ZAPTEST for Automated Performance Testing

ZAPTEST’s automated software has many advantages for performance and load testing. Here is an introduction to some of the many benefits of using ZAPTEST’s edition as a full-stack performance test automation tool.

free software testing tool

High ROI

ZAPTEST is a state-of-the-art automated performance testing tool that can save you time and money. Automation expedites the testing process while increasing integrity.
free software testing tool

1SCRIPT Implementation

ZAPTEST’s tools to automate performance tests use 1SCRIPT technology to let you record and test scripts on multiple platforms without changing the code.
free software testing tool

Parallel Execution

ZAPTEST’s performance testing automated software can run several tests simultaneously. This aspect saves time and labor during load and performance testing.
free software testing tool

Unlimited Licenses

Automate as many performance tests as you need with ZAPTEST’s unlimited enterprise licenses. Regardless of your business’s size, your entire organization can use our load testing automation tools.
free software testing tool

Cross Platform

Automate your performance tests on any platform with ZAPTEST’s cross-platform support. A single script can automate Windows and OSX versions of an application.
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Cross Application

You can automate performance testing and automate load testing for your applications on any API, browser, or platform with ZAPTEST’s cross-application support.
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1 Click Document Conversion

With a single click, you can easily convert your documents from an automated test case and get your test scripts up and running quickly.
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Cloud Device Hosting

Manage your organization’s devices with ease using ZAPTEST’s cloud device hosting management. FARM architecture allows users to connect to a single access point, the ZAPControlCenter.
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Unlimited Licenses

Automate as many performance tests as you need with ZAPTEST’s unlimited enterprise licenses. Regardless of your business’s size, your entire organization can use our load testing automation tools, too.

See it in Action

Let’s see what ZAPTEST can do. As the leading enterprise software testing automation tool, ZAPTEST boosts rich functionality which ultimately leads to up to 10 X ROI. ZAPTEST’s GUI is intuitive, making it a suitable choice for all levels of coding experience wanting to use powerful testing tools. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some clicks with a mouse to run automated performance and load tests. Or, for more advanced users, implement your own manual coding.

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Full Stack Software Testing Automation Tool

ZAPTEST is a full-stack cross-platform test and RPA solution for mobile, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Created by industry digital transformation leaders. ZAPTEST focuses on the tactical and strategic aspects of and enterprise performance testing automation tools. ZAPTEST can automate any digital interface. 

ZAPTEST expedites load test automation with cross-application and cross-platform support. The scenario recording feature automatically generates performance test scripts from your app’s scenarios and is included in the edition of our load and performance testing tool. One-click document conversion happens in the background while working on your scripts. 

FARM is a private cloud system to manage all test environments. Mock-up tests are realistic simulations of an application’s behavior. Codeless automation eliminates the need to write code, although you can script your load tests with JavaScript or VBScript.

ZAPTEST is a cloud-based enterprise performance testing solution that requires no installation, making it easy to get started. Licenses are unlimited and include enterprise-level support. Parallel execution allows you to leverage our test automation tool for running load tests simultaneously for increased performance.

If a performance test script is changed, regenerating a related document will automatically feature updated information in appropriate areas. Easily manage and share your test scripts and documents with team members on the cloud.

The LOAD component is for continuous performance testing. Users can deploy it to load the server with virtual users and measure its performance. It generates load on web applications, portals, and enterprise systems. 

A website load test helps identify how an application will respond when subjected to a high load or stress. ZAPTEST’s performance testing tools to automate load tests can help identify spikes in traffic. 

The automation of performance tests helps ensure that your application can handle the anticipated load and helps to avoid possible outages. Automating performance tests also allows for more frequent testing, which can help identify issues before they become a problem. Our load testing automation tools identify problems with handling traffic while they are still easy to mitigate. 

ZAPTEST’s full stack and enterprise tool supports automation of any testing process: Agile, waterfall, or other software application development testing. ZAPTEST’s parallel execution allows you to run multiple tests simultaneously and quickly identify the cause of any failures.

free software testing tool

Case Study

Michael runs IT & Digitalization for one of our (now) clients. He came to us with one challenge brought to him by Sam(head of procurement)who was manually performing a very large number of invoice processing tasks. They invest a lot of labour in these repetitive processes, but automating them would have required additional time, money, and expertise that the company did not have.

ZAPTEST automation was an ideal fit for this challenge, as it allows for seamless end-user processes through any digital interface regardless of Application Under Automation. As such, Zaptest, the IT and Procurement functions worked together and ultimately delivered a variety of high-performing scripts for RPA bots that took over more than 98% of daily executions. In practice, during the automated process, Sam’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) record ZAPTEST Video Scenarios used by Michael’s specialists for automation. They auto-generate documentation coverage and schedule bots for mass execution using multiple virtual workstations.

Unlike other available solutions, ZAPTEST doesn't require application instrumentation and executes AS-IS. Thanks to the collaboration with ZAPTEST, Michael’s team has moved into a centralized role within their organization, offering generalized TEST + RPA process automation that is now used by Dev/Test as well as Ops teams, saving the company over 70% of the operational budget.

Automate Your Performance Tests With ZAPTEST

Enterprise performance testing automated software is essential in this day and age. Load testing automation tools are especially important, as they help ensure that web applications can handle the anticipated load and avoid outages.

Among these enterprise-level performance and load test tools, ZAPTEST is an industry leader, with many advantages, including up to 10 X testing ROI, parallel execution, cross-platform support, and unlimited licenses. With its agile and cloud-based design, ZAPTEST is easy to use and adapt to your needs. Users can execute load testing on web applications, portals, and enterprise systems. ZAPTEST helps identify how an application will respond when subjected to a high load or stress. One-click document conversion, live testing, and codeless testers are just a few of the features that make ZAPTEST the best performance testing automation tool for you. Get started today with unlimited licenses at no cost so you can maintain full control of your projects from beginning to end.

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Recent Articles


How do I start performance testing automation?
To start performance testing automation, you first need to create a performance test script. Once the script is ready, you can use ZAPTEST to automate it.

Enterprise performance testing automation tools are essential in this day and age. Whether you’re an individual or a larger company, the digital world is hard to navigate without them. Enterprise load testing automation tools are especially important, as they help ensure that web applications can handle the anticipated load and avoid outages.

Suppose you have been thinking about getting your hands on one for yourself but don’t know where to start. In that case, ZAPTEST, a full-stack enterprise-level performance testing tool that includes cross-platform capabilities and cloud device hosting management features, is now available.

What is the best performance automation tool?
There is no single answer, but ZAPTEST is a full-stack automation tool designed for performance test automation purposes. It has many advantages over other tools to automate performance tests, including high ROI, parallel execution, cross-platform support, and unlimited licenses.

ZAPTEST is also agile and cloud-based, making it easy to use and adapt to your needs. Users can execute load testing automated software on web applications, portals, and enterprise systems. ZAPTEST helps identify how an application will respond when subjected to a high load or stress. This information can help you avoid possible outages.

How do you automate a performance test?
To automate performance testing, you first need to create a performance test script. Once the script is ready, you can use ZAPTEST to automate it.

There are four primary ways to use ZAPTEST: Automate against a live application, automate against application UI mock-ups, automate against a recorded video scenario, or automate against an application’s API layer.

Continuous performance testing must examine factors like CPU utilization and load tolerance. Length of execution matters in software performance testing since slow performance can degrade trust in an application. Avoiding launch failures is an important goal that employees must add to any overall test plan.

What is performance testing automation?
Performance Testing Automation is the process of automating the testing of software applications. Continuous performance testing can include response time, reliability, scalability, maximum concurrent users, and mobile performance.

This process can automate any performance test for any app on any platform. ZAPTEST supports the automation of agile, waterfall, or any other application development testing. The ultimate goal of testing is to eliminate bottlenecks within a software application.

Enterprise performance test automation tools increase ROI by reducing the time and effort required to complete each testing phase. Test results are transparent to all team members resulting in fewer errors and less wasted time.