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  • Computer Vision Technology
  • WebDriver Integration
  • 1SCRIPT Cross-Platform
  • Unlimited License
  • Task-Agnostic Automation
  • Full-time ZAP Expert
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Enterprise Tool To Automate Any Application

ZAPTEST is an enterprise web app and RPA automated testing tool for your all types of web applications, mobile applications, and business processes. We embrace the principle of hyperautomation, and as such we support all popular web browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, mobile iOS, Android, and Linux.











Why ZAPTEST for Web Apps Automated Testing?

ZAPTEST‘s free browser testing tools offer significant advantages for enterprise-level Web Apps testing, including cross-platform support, API access, load testing, ui testing, performance testing, qa testing capabilities, and more. With our intuitive graphical interface and ability to run tests across a variety of browsers, APIs and platforms, ZAPTEST’s free software makes it easy to automate your Web apps testing end to end.

In addition, ZAPTEST’s API access gives you the ability to integrate our free testing automation tools for web applications with your existing development and management tools. With the powerful load testing capabilities of our integrated free web apps testing software, you can test the performance of your Web Apps under real-world conditions in one click.

ZAPTEST’s free version lets you try out all of the features of our automated testing tools for web applications and see how they can help you automate your Web Apps testing process. With our affordable pricing plans, there’s no reason not to make ZAPTEST your go-to choice for browser testing automation tools.

Applications of ZAPTEST for Web Apps Automated Testing

ZAPTEST’s free automation testing tools for web applications increase the efficiency of industries such as call centers, IT, accounts payable, claims processing, human resources, and finance. Web applications testing companies such as ours can detect redundancies and potential issues so you can make processes smoother before officially releasing them.

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Cross-Platform execution is one of the main advantages of ZAPTEST. With a single ZAPTEST Module it’s easy to execute the script on any platform. ZAPTEST completely supports the following platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and others

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Agile isn’t just a software test automation tool. Agile is a methodology. Through the promotion of adaptive planning throughout a software development process and ZAPTEST’s testing suite, continuous testing becomes possible.

Your project’s developer and test engineer are working from the same script, the original application mock-up right out of the gate. While the development team focuses on code-writing, the testing group captures objects from the mock-ups and early development, allowing them to create and execute test scripts.

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Writing individual scripts for multiple mobile platforms is tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. That is where ZAPTEST shines. Write one script for all platforms, including Windows, macOS , Mobile: Android, and iOS. 

The suite of mobile tools
  • M-RUN Technology – allows parallel execution of a single test script across multiple mobile devices, expediting regression testing by including all devices.
  • ZAP Viewer – brings the ‘one script plays anywhere’ methodology to life, allowing the establishment of a connection with a remote workforce, so everyone is on the same page, whether working from a web-based or mobile connection.
  • Device Manager – offering complete control of all applications, reporting device status and history, pre-configuring apps, and even automatic device prep and setup.
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Utilizing ZAPTEST’s 1SCRIPT technology, your team can automate testing across all the major browsers. Instead of tuning a test script for a particular browser, develop a single script and run it on just about any browser.

Supported Browsers

This proprietary technology is in line with ZAPTEST’s strategic and tactical vision for executing automated testing, and it requires no modification across:

All versions of Internet Explorer (IE/EDGE)
Et cetera

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1SCRIPT doesn’t just create compatibility across browsers. It also automates your testing across native applications. Use the GUI Scan tool to capture objects, create a testing script, and execute it with mouse clicks.

Supported Platforms

You don’t have to be a computer programmer to harness the power of ZAPTEST across platforms like:

  • Mac OSX 
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Unix

Freeing your business from platform dependencies is essential for maximizing the benefits of process automation. And ZAPTEST is the best software test automation tool for automated processes.

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An application program interface (API) is essential for communication with both your internal and external partners and the teams that drive your innovation. Your data cannot be leveraged across your stakeholders without an integrated API, bogging all of your integration efforts. But it must also function within your user interface. 

ZAPTEST API Automation

That is where ZAPTEST’s API automation testing software comes in. It supports blending API and UI objects into a single script, enabling a single execution to test both the front and back ends of your application. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that, and the ZAPTEST API automation testing tool works with most major web service technologies, such as:

  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • WADL
  • REST
  • XML
  • JSON 
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All the best coding and app development in the world will fall flat on its face if it can’t meet the required performance demand. Utilize ZAPTEST’s load testing tools to measure the performance capacity of your API server in high-demand situations to make sure your infrastructure can scale up to meet the needs of your app and the consumers using it

Advantages of Using ZAPTEST’s Free Tool for Web Apps Automation Testing

ZAPTEST’s free tools for automated testing of Web applications include one-click conversion, cloud hosting, unlimited licenses, testing at all production stages, and non-stop ZAP expert support and implementation. No coding knowledge is necessary to use ZAPTEST’s free software for automating web applications tests & RPA processes. The advantages of using ZAPTEST include:

High ROI

Minimize the time spent on manual testing and ensure that errors are detected and corrected as soon as possible.

1SCRIPT Implementation

All you need is one single script to automate testing of all browsers and devices.

Parallel Execution

Save time by running mutually independent tests at the same time. Our free tools for automated testing of Web applications do not need the tests to relate.

1 Click Document Conversion

Convert any application into test automation scripts without any programming. Just hit one button, and our free automated tools for web apps testing will supply the results.

Cloud Device Hosting

No installation or server management is required on your part. Simply connect and start testing in a cloud environment with our free web testing tool.

Unlimited Licenses

Automate testing of as many web applications and browsers as you want—no need to worry about license restrictions or expiration.

Cross Application

Test various Web applications with ZAPTEST’s free tool simultaneously without any conflicts. So now you can test the entire website instead of individual pages.

Cross Platform

Test your Web applications with ZAPTEST’s free tool on different browsers and devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Unlimited Licenses

Automate as many performance tests as you need with ZAPTEST’s unlimited enterprise licenses. Regardless of your business’s size, your entire organization can use our load testing automation tools.

See it in Action

Let’s see what ZAPTEST can do. As the leading enterprise software testing automation tool, ZAPTEST boosts rich functionality which ultimately leads to up to 10 X ROI. ZAPTEST’s GUI is intuitive, making it a suitable choice for all levels of coding experience wanting to use powerful testing tools. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some clicks with a mouse to run automated performance and load tests. Or, for more advanced users, implement your own manual coding.

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Full Stack Free Test Automation Tool for Web Apps

Hyperautomation is an emerging trend in the industry, and ZAPTEST is at the forefront of this movement. We offer a full-stack both free and enterprise solution that provides an end-to-end test automation framework for web applications. We have you covered from converting applications into scripts to running tests on different browsers and devices.

Ensure all your customers see your product at its best thanks to our free browser testing automation tools on various devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. To make things easier, with our free tool, you only need one script to automate tests across all those environments and web apps.

ZAPTEST can also record or schedule your test scenario and play it back multiple times without manual intervention. Reviewing your tests allows you to ensure that you are testing the correct functionality of your Web applications.

Mock-ups were once just for visual ideation. Now you can bring those to life with the help of early automation. Easily create realistic mock-up tests with the use of our screenshot feature.

Our free full-stack test automation tool is also agile-friendly and can operate at any stage of the software and web applications development life cycle to help weed out mistakes before they become a problem—no need to wait to go live. Enhanced usability and no learning curve are key features. Any staff member can run ZAPTESTs’s free automation test tools for their web applications without learning code.

When done correctly, test automation can help you save time and money while also improving the quality of your web applications. The ROI for automated testing is much greater than manual testing. Your company can do more continuous testing as needed without the need for staff breaks.

However, not all test automation tools are created equal. That is why we’ve created our free edition web app automated testing tool. Our tool will quickly help you automate the testing of your web applications, cross-platform, cross-device, leveraging our 1SCRIPT advanced technology.

You won’t have to invest in additional web applications testing companies or software for automating the testing of your web apps. Cloud-based and cross-browser compatible, our free software for automating web applications tests is designed to work with your existing infrastructure.

With our team of automation experts, you will be able to get started with your own testing process in no time. If something goes wrong any time of the day, support is always at your fingertips with our 24/7 dedicated ZAP Expert that works remotely as part of your team when you have taken our enterprise package.

Run any test including functional, UI, unit, integration, performance, and complex regression tests!

Case Study

Michael runs IT & Digitalization for one of our (now) clients. He came to us with one challenge brought to him by Sam(head of procurement)who was manually performing a very large number of invoice processing tasks. They invest a lot of labour in these repetitive processes, but automating them would have required additional time, money, and expertise that the company did not have.

ZAPTEST automation was an ideal fit for this challenge, as it allows for seamless end-user processes through any digital interface regardless of Application Under Automation. As such, Zaptest, the IT and Procurement functions worked together and ultimately delivered a variety of high-performing scripts for RPA bots that took over more than 98% of daily executions. In practice, during the automated process, Sam’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) record ZAPTEST Video Scenarios used by Michael’s specialists for automation. They auto-generate documentation coverage and schedule bots for mass execution using multiple virtual workstations.

Unlike other available solutions, ZAPTEST doesn't require application instrumentation and executes AS-IS. Thanks to the collaboration with ZAPTEST, Michael’s team has moved into a centralized role within their organization, offering generalized TEST + RPA process automation that is now used by Dev/Test as well as Ops teams, saving the company over 70% of the operational budget.

Automate Your Web Apps Tests With ZAPTEST

Free Web applications test automation tools don’t need to have a big learning curve. Book a demo to see how ZAPTEST can deliver up to 10 X ROI on your Web Apps testing processes. Both our free and Enterprise cloud-based, cross-browser-compatible tool can help you automate tests on your web apps at any stage of the development life cycle.

Agile web apps test automation software that doesn’t require any coding knowledge is hard to come by, particularly when it comes with 24/7 support and certified implementation from a ZAP expert working remotely as part of your team. But that is what you will find with ZAPTEST.

Save time and money, deliver up to 10 X ROI, and improve the quality of your web applications with our full-stack free or enterprise test automation solution.

ZAPTEST is here to give you the best browser testing tools to help you automate unlimited Web apps tests, for a fixed, transparent yearly subscription. Don’t just take our word for it. We are a dedicated Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE)!

Recent Articles


How Do You Automate a Web App?

There are a variety of ways to automate a web app. Think about what aspect of the app you want to automate. Do you want to automate the entire process or just specific tasks?

Once you know what you want to automate, you can look for the right free or enterprise automated tools for web apps testing.

In addition to automated testing, you can create automated functions to:

  • Fill in forms
  • Check information
  • Send emails
  • Upload files
  • Retrieve data from the web
  • Process data
  • And more
How Do I Test an Automated Web Application?

When it is time to test an automated web application, you will need to:

  • Locate the web application files on your computer/server.
  • Upload the files to a web server.
  • Configure the test automation tool.
  • Configure the test script.
  • Execute the test script.

It is easy to see the difference between manual and free automated Web applications testing solutions.

Manual testing is a process of manually executing test cases to verify that the application functions as expected.

However, free automated testing software for web applications does the same thing, better, faster, and more efficiently, but with the help of testing tools and software.

Which Free Tools are Used To Automate Web Apps Tests?

There are a variety of free web apps testing tools on the market. However, we are confident that none will deliver the robust, rich functionality and high ROI as ZAPTEST, let alone the unparalleled 24/7 remote support by a dedicated ZAP Expert that works closely with your own team (when on Enterprise package).

What Is Web Test Automation?

Web test automation is the process of automating the testing of web applications with the help of software and tools. This process can automate tests at any software development life cycle stage.

Use it to improve the quality of your web applications by spotting bugs, error pages, and other defects. There are different types of web test automation such as:

  • Regression testing
  • Security testing
  • Functional testing
  • Load testing
  • Performance testing