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  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Object Recognition
  • Scriptless Automation
  • Improved Test Management
  • Reusable Test Steps
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Accelerate your WebDriver Automation
within ZAPTEST

Take advantage of the latest ZAPTEST WebDriver integration technology
to improve automation speeds,
expand your management capability,
execute across different platforms, and improve scripting efficiency.

Comprehensive Testing

The ZAPTEST WebDriver is designed with web application testing in mind, providing thorough test coverage across any GUI-based software.

Component-Based Architecture and Shared Object Repository

ZAPTEST’s Component-Based Architecture seamlessly integrates with its Shared Object Repository, enabling efficient test automation by promoting reusability and maintainability across multiple test scripts.

Improved Test Management

When ZAPTEST is combined with WebDriver, web application testing, reporting, managing, and tracking can all be enhanced.


ZAPTEST made a considerable effort to provide a seamless experience across a wide variety of platforms, applications, and browsers, ensuring you can run tests in parallel using WebDriver.

Reusable Test Steps

You can reuse test steps in multiple test cases using ZAPTEST, while integrating WebDriver can increase web application automation speeds too.


WebDriver takes ZAPTEST’s break-through visual object recognition and extends the capabilities to web applications too, which can increase automated test accuracy.

Why to use ZAPTEST WebDriver

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Simple to Understand, Easy to Use

The ZAPTEST WebDriver is designed to be used by experienced and non-experienced users alike, so your team will not be held back by a lack of automation knowledge.

Enhanced Collaboration

ZAPTEST WebDriver is designed with collaboration in mind, with the Video Scenario features serving as a bridge between technical and non-technical members of the company. These scenarios do not require existing programming knowledge or experience.

Enhanced Maintainability

Fewer test updates are required thanks to the scriptless automation provided by ZAPTEST, as well as the visual object recognition capabilities. This saves you time, money, and effort in maintenance.

Improved Test Coverage

More comprehensive test coverage with the combined power of ZAPTEST’s multi-technology and multi-platform tools, and WebDriver’s web testing technology.


Understanding the benefits and risks of open-source testing tools, and creating a well-defined OSS testing tools strategy, are key to achieving sustainable success.

ZAPTEST WebDriver Provides Enhanced Test Automation

Experience the benefits of expert help, fixed budget control, unlimited scalability, and seamless RPA integration.

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  • Unlimited Licences – Unlimited ScalabilityUnlock the true potential of your scalability with unlimited licenses, implementing ZAPTEST WebDriver. As your business grows, your automation capabilities grow too, ensuring you can scale and develop at the optimum rate without the need for extra licenses.
  • Certified Implementation from an ExpertZAPTEST WebDriver not only provides the latest in testing technology but also a certified ZAP Expert to deliver a successful implementation process. You can engage your team knowing that your project follows all the latest standards, guidelines, and practices. Your ZAP Expert will also carry out implementation to a high standard, guaranteeing efficient and reliable automation, and consistent, confident automation.
  • Fixed Budget Expenditure – Predictable and Efficient SpendingWith ZAPTEST WebDriver, you can work within a fixed budget. This means you know exactly what your test automation efforts will cost, eliminating unexpected expenses and making it easier to plan and manage your project finances.
  • RPA as Cross-Discipline – Seamless Automation Across TasksZAPTEST WebDriver is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ready. Not only is it a cutting-edge testing tool, but it can also help you to automate any number of tasks from customer support to data entry and more. By integrating ZAPTEST with WebDriver, you get enhanced automation across a wide array of platforms.

Beyond the Basics

More points to implement ZAPTEST WebDriver.
Take advantage of the latest features and take control of automation.

Efficient Debugging

You can locate and fix problems at a faster rate with the ZAPTEST reporting and debugging utilities. Each failed execution comes with a visual aid to highlight any issues, while the WebDriver provides improved resolution speeds and more efficient debugging.

Data-Driven Testing

WebDriver testing capabilities combine perfectly with ZAPTEST’s data-driven automation support to validate functionality with multiple data sets.

Reduced Learning Curve

Integrating WebDriver with ZAPTEST removes the need to teach and learn an entirely new technology, allowing for a seamless transition into a wide range of improved features.

Object Repository

Any changes you make to the object properties can be carried out in the centralized object repository, and those changes are then reflected across all linked test scripts thanks to ZAPTEST.

Increased Productivity

Less time spent on maintenance and script development means more time spent on critical and productive tasks – due to capabilities of  ZAPTEST.

Customizable Reporting

ZAPTEST reports can be customized by the user, providing even more detailed insights into functionality and performance when integrated with WebDriver.

Integration with CI/CD pipelines

WebDriver tests can be included in any deployment and continuous integration processes thanks to ZAPTEST’s ability to integrate with common CI/CD tools. Not only does this allow you to catch problems far faster, but it also ensures you can address them far more efficiently.

Ease of Maintenance

ZAPTEST streamlines automated test maintenance, allowing you to make changes and updates with ease in response to the application. Less time, less effort, more efficiency.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Integrating ZAPTEST and WebDriver allows you to be adaptable to any scenario. While ZAPTEST excels in straightforward scenarios thanks to the scriptless automation, WebDriver is outstanding at dealing with complicated scenarios and detailed scripts. The best of both worlds.

Robust API Testing

ZAPTEST is proficient in API testing as well as GUI testing, making it a well-rounded solution when integrated with the web testing capabilities of WebDriver.

Tech Support and Training

ZAPTEST users are provided with full-time dedicated technical support, training resources, and detailed documents to guide teams through the automation testing process.

Increased Productivity

Less time spent on maintenance and script development means more time spent on critical and productive tasks – due to capabilities of  ZAPTEST.

Agile and DevOps Ready

ZAPTEST is the best choice for any modern testing and software development project thanks to its shift-left early automation features that are specifically created to support continuous integration and delivery methodologies like Agile and DevOps.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

ZAPTEST is built for collaboration, ensuring that members of your team can work together seamlessly even with varying levels of knowledge and skill. This improves creation, understanding, testing, and the sharing of knowledge across the team.

Common WebDriver Challenges

WebDriver tools provide a wide range of automation benefits,
but they do also come with some challenges you should be aware of:

Complex Setup

Selenium WebDriver set-up can be complicated for beginners as an existing understanding of programming languages and API may be required.

Requires Significant Programming Knowledge

The tools provided by WebDriver usually require existing programming language knowledge, including the likes of Python, Java, or C#. As such, it may be tricky for beginners.

Lack of Parallel Execution

WebDriver cannot natively support testing simultaneously on more than one browser or machine. However, parallel execution support using other tools requires additional set-up and configuration.

Lack of Framework Modularity

As scripts grow and become more complicated, they can be tricky to manage without a solid framework because all WebDriver scripts are procedural.

Inconsistent Behavior Across Browsers

An array of browsers are supported by Selenium WebDriver, but that is not to say they all behave the same way. Each browser may implement WebDriver slightly differently.

Limited Support for Non-Web Elements

WebDriver tools can struggle to interact with non-web elements because they are not designed to do so. This may include any custom controls, pop-ups and alerts.

Limited Reporting Capabilities

There are no reporting features built into the Selenium WebDriver – these features must be integrated using other tools which can make things more complicated.

Time-Consuming Maintenance

Regular maintenance may be needed when changes are made to the Document Object Model UI, such is WebDriver’s reliance on it. Regular updates may also be required.

No In-built Object Repository

There is no built-in object repository with Selenium, meaning you will have to update every object manually across the script if its properties change at all. This can take a lot of time and is not very efficient.

Handling Dynamic Elements

There is a risk of instability with certain test scripts because WebDriver interacts with web elements depending on their properties.

As such, if you are dealing with dynamic elements, automation testing can be tricky because there are regular changes in properties.

You will likely need regular script maintenance to get around this.

Fortunately, integrating your Chrome WebDriver, Edge WebDriver, or Firefox WebDriver with ZAPTEST can help to overcome these challenges and provide a far more user-friendly experience.

The integration of WebDriver with a comprehensive test automation solution, like ZAPTEST, can help overcome these challenges and provide a more robust, efficient, and user-friendly testing environment.

Making the move to ZAPTEST WebDriver completely changed the way we looked at automation. The tools scaled along with our business to ensure we were never playing catch up, and the licenses made that growth far more efficient. Testing used to be a time-consuming task, but our ZAP Expert guided us along the implementation process and brought our team up to speed with the user-friendly system. It was important to us that the transition was smooth and didn’t hold us back, and ZAPTEST was able to ensure that. Since then, our efficiency has improved exponentially. 

Costing is at the heart of any business, and we love the fixed budget feature that comes with ZAPTEST, guaranteeing that we never spend more than we want to. Within this budget, we have been able to expand our automation horizons significantly, way beyond just testing. The advanced features that come with ZAPTEST WebDriver have been nothing short of transformative and we are thrilled with the results.

Our development team has been forever changed by ZAPTEST WebDriver remote. We believe that you always have to be ready to adapt and improve in business, and ZAPTEST is a perfect example of that innovation. The automation has enhanced our testing process, and the way we handle dynamic objects is much-improved thanks to the tool’s object recognition capabilities. The short of it is that we have fewer failed tests and, therefore, save a lot of time.

One problem we have faced in the past is hiring team members who have extensive knowledge in automation, but ZAPTEST WebDriver means this is no longer a necessity. Even less technical members of the company are still able to test effectively thanks to the simplicity of the system, which gives us so much more flexibility and efficiency. 

We are big fans of the cross-browser support, as we have been able to maintain a sense of consistency without running into annoying compatibility issues. However, our favorite feature has to go down as the parallel execution and reporting functionality. That has been a game-changer. Testing time is down, and our software delivery speeds are up. Every test comes with such detailed reports that we are constantly learning and adapting, making for a much more data-driven and efficient process. 

Streamlining our automation process with ZAPTEST WebDriver is one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made, and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

We handle web, desktop, and mobile applications on a day-to-day basis, so we are always on the lookout for tools that can assist and advance our software testing team. ZAPTEST WebDriver has been that tool for us. The sheer versatility of the system fits our diverse testing needs perfectly, and it has allowed us to standardize our process across multiple platforms with the same consistency and uniformity.

Our testing capabilities have been supercharged by integrating the Computer-Vision -based ZAP Object Engine with the ZAPTEST WebDriver to create the ultimate testing toolkit. False test results have been reduced and we are now able to accurately interact with web and desktop dynamic objects. For mobile, we have finally been able to test on actual devices, rather than just emulators, which is a big advantage when it comes to testing app user experiences. 

Not only is the tool itself wonderful, but the ZAPTEST team has also gone above and beyond for us, giving us individualized guidance throughout the process. Not only are they providing the tool, but they are also passionate about ensuring you get the most out of it. 

In a nutshell, ZAPTEST WebDriver integration with the ZAP Object Engine has made an incredible difference in our efficiency and accuracy when it comes to automation. We now see it as a pivotal tool in our kit, and that will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

Enterprise Solution for Software Testing and Business Operation Automation

ZAPTEST is the leading Enterprise software testing and business operation automation (RPA) tool. By skyrocketing efficiency in the software automation process, ZAPTEST will increase your company productivity, reduce costs, and achieve up to 10 X testing ROI.

AI + Computer Vision Technology

AI + Computer Vision: Harnessing the synergy of artificial intelligence and visual perception to automate tasks, enhance security, and unlock new possibilities across diverse industries.
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WebDriver Integration

ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Integration technology allows you to ramp up your testing capabilities by automating interactions with web elements. The result is quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive tests and improved test management.
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ZAPTEST Copilot is an AI-driven functionality integrated into the ZAPTEST platform. It acts as your co-pilot in automation scripting, generating intelligent code snippets that not only save time but also optimize test runs.
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Unlimited Licenses

With ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Solution subscription program, you receive unlimited licenses across the entire organization. Regardless of whether your automation needs increase, your cost remains fixed.
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Task-Agnostic Automation

The cutting-edge solution for streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and achieving automation excellence across industries.
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Full-time ZAP Expert

Full-time ZAP Expert: A dedicated professional proficient in leveraging ZAP technology for seamless automation, optimizing workflows, and boosting productivity.
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FREE & Enterprise Editions

ZAPTEST: Choose from FREE & Enterprise Editions to meet your automation needs. FREE for starters, Enterprise for advanced testing and automation solutions.
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Self-Healing Test Automation

Self-healing test automation through dynamic updates to object selectors by smart object recognition.
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RPA COE Automation

With ZAPTEST, you get a Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence in every level of your organization. You will increase your overall efficiency while reducing human error and manual testing.
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Enhance Your Test Automation Capabilities With ZAPTEST WebDriver:
Start today and uncover the true potential of
ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition – taking your testing to the next level.

Transform your test automation process with ZAPTEST WebDriver. 

Improved functionality, scalability, and efficiency, all implemented with your unique requirements in mind. 

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Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions on software testing automation tools.

What are the system requirements to use ZAPTEST WebDriver?

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 1.5 GB
  • Libraries: .Net Framework 4.7.1
How does ZAPTEST WebDriver handle dynamic web elements?
  • By using Datatable parameters in Find Element criteria.
  • By using XPath or CSS Selectors to find elements.
  • By using the FindElements method and selecting the desired web element by index.
What programming languages are supported by ZAPTEST WebDriver?
  • JavaScript;
  • VBScript;
  • Script-less (Icon or Tree View based) – to be added soon.
Can ZAPTEST WebDriver handle both desktop and web applications?

It can handle web applications only. Standard ZAPTEST UI objects must be used to handle desktop applications.

How does ZAPTEST WebDriver support cross-browser testing?

In general, the same WebDriver script should work on different browsers. Users only need to specify the browser name in the INIT step.

In general, the same WebDriver script should work on different browsers. Users only need to specify the browser name in the INIT step.

ZAPTEST WebDriver supports any type of functional testing – unit, smoke, regression, etc.

What support and learning resources are available for ZAPTEST WebDriver users?

ZAPTEST website provides basic documentation and how-to videos (more material will be added later) (https://www.zaptest.com/documentation). ZAPTEST FREE Edition users are welcome to use the ZAPTEST Forum or Ask Expert feature.

How can I upgrade to the ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition from ZAPTEST WebDriver?

Click the “Upgrade to Enterprise” button on the ZAPTEST toolbar or go to the “Onboarding” page.

What additional benefits do I gain by using ZAPTEST WebDriver with ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition?

All ZAPTEST enterprise features are available for WebDriver scripts – unlimited iterations, use of loops, modularization, use of local and global variables, unlimited command-line executions, etc.

How does the unlimited licensing work with ZAPTEST WebDriver?

Please contact ZAPTEST team to discuss unlimited licensing options.

What makes ZAPTEST WebDriver stand out compared to other WebDriver implementations?

ZAPTEST UI and API automation functionality significantly extend the capability of the WebDriver. It allows building advanced cross-protocol, cross-application, and cross-platform automation.

How does ZAPTEST WebDriver integrate with my existing Selenium scripts?

Existing Selenium scripts will need to be manually converted to ZAPTEST WebDriver scripts.

Can ZAPTEST WebDriver handle non-web elements such as desktop alerts and pop-ups?

Any non-web elements must be handled by using ZAPTEST standard UI objects.

What programming languages can be used with ZAPTEST WebDriver?

Currently, ZAPTEST offers JavaScript, VBScript, or script-less (Icon view or Tree view) scripting modes. Phyton is planned to be added in a future release.

What are the key differences between ZAPTEST WebDriver and Selenium WebDriver?

ZAPTEST and Selenium use the same WebDriver files issued by browser vendors. The difference is how the WebDriver methods are implemented. In ZAPTEST all WebDriver functionality is accessible via zap.WebDriver namespace.

How does ZAPTEST WebDriver handle dynamic web elements?

In addition to standard Selenium techniques, ZAPTEST offers Datatable parameterization, reach logic, and alternative object recognition technology (computer-vision based).

How does ZAPTEST WebDriver support data-driven testing?

ZAPTEST allows parameterization of any value in a script. To store or access parameters, ZAPTEST supports internal Datatable or external data sources (csv or excel files). Users can control iterations, import or export test data as needed during a script run.

Can ZAPTEST WebDriver be integrated into my CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, ZAPTEST supports a command-line interface. With a single command CI/CD tools can initiate the execution of automated scripts, and ZAPTEST will report status and brief summary back once the script run is completed.

What reporting capabilities does ZAPTEST WebDriver provide?

For each WebDriver step, ZAPTEST collects the following information: WebDriver session name, web element locator and value, method with arguments, and image.

What are the benefits of using a certified ZAP Expert for implementation?

ZAP Expert works with a client team as a full-time resource. ZAP Expert can participate in script development, advise on best practices, and provide training and support for an entire organization.

How does the unlimited licenses feature work in ZAPTEST WebDriver?

ZAPTEST unlimited licenses model ensures unlimited use of all ZAPTEST Enterprise edition features by any member within the organization.

What is the difference between ZAPTEST WebDriver and ZAPTEST ZAP Object Engine (ZOE)?

ZAPTEST WebDriver provides methods to control web application interface using Document Object Model. ZAP Object Engine (ZOE) provides functionality to control any application with a GUI on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms using ZAP proprietary computer-vision algorithm.

What are the main advantages of using ZAPTEST WebDriver over standalone WebDriver tools?

ZAPTEST offers number of advantages:

  • WebDriver functionality is available in ZAPTEST “out of the box” without complex setup and configuration.
  • ZAPTEST provides an extended set of methods and additional arguments for working with web elements.
  • ZAPTEST Report stores detailed information about a web element, method used, image captured, and supports all standard reporting features.
  • ZAPTEST allows a combination of WebDriver, standard UI, and API steps in the same script.
  • In ZAPTEST the WebDriver can be used to build complex web or cross-application frameworks by implementing parameterization, modularization, and reach logic.
How can ZAPTEST WebDriver fit into a fixed budget expenditure model?

ZAPTEST unlimited licenses model guarantees a fixed budget for automation as any team member within your organization can use the enterprise edition without need to purchase additional licenses.

What kind of tasks can I automate using ZAPTEST WebDriver and RPA?

You can use ZAPTEST WebDriver for RPA tasks on any web application. RPA can be extended to other applications with the use of standard ZAPTEST UI automation.

How does ZAPTEST WebDriver support cross-browser testing?

ZAPTEST WebDriver supports the automation of all popular browsers on a Windows platform. If application logic and web elements remain the same on different browsers,  the same script can be used for cross-browser automation.