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  • Task-Agnostic Software Automation
    Any UI and API technology for Testing and RPA
  • Unlimited Licenses
    Fixed-Budget Expenditure
  • Full-Time Certified Implementation
    ZAP Expert working remotely as a part of your team
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Discover the unparalleled advantages of
partnering with ZAPTEST

Our partners are essential in providing businesses with innovative, industry-leading
automation solutions that transform software testing and RPA processes.

Task-Agnostic Software Automation

We are an industry-leading Software Automation technology ZAPTEST can be used for the automation of any tasks in the organization
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Unlimited Licenses

Fixed cost, regardless of how many clients you have, how large they are, or how fast they grow. ZAP is offering Unlimited licenses for…
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Full-Time Certified Implementation

Bespoke Maintenance & Support to Fit Your Individual Client Needs. Full-time ZAP Expert working remotely…
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Hyperautomation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can be automated will be automated. Competitive pressures for efficiency, efficacy and business agility are forcing organizations to address back-, middle- and front-office operations. Organizations that resist the pressures will struggle to remain competitive or to differentiate.


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Increase your customer reach

With unlimited licenses across the entire organization – One fixed cost no matter how fast your client grows, and how much you use.

Receive unlimited access

To state-of-art RPA, in addition to Software Testing Automation, at no extra cost.

Leverage our white-label solution

To enhance your client’s perception of your brand expertise and offerings, without investing in in-house skills.

ZAPTEST Enterprise

Our hyperautomation services are specifically tailored to each individual business for rapid deployment and certified implementation of ZAPTEST Enterprise.

Key benefits for our Service Partners:

Join our Service Partner program and provide
top-tier automation services to your clients.

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  • Comprehensive Test Automation: Unlimited ZAPTEST Enterprise licenses for all of your clients, with no hidden fees, regardless of team size or project scope.
  • Certified Implementation & Support: Full-time ZAP Expert available remotely, working as part of your team to ensure seamless implementation and continuous guidance.
  • Profitability & Exclusive Resources: Attractive pricing options, priority technical support, and early access to new features.

Referral Partners

Maximize your network and earn income by
becoming a ZAPTEST Referral Partner.

Industry Leading Commissions

Benefit from a generous commission structure as you introduce clients to ZAPTEST’s leading-edge technology and full-time ZAP expert support.

Full-Time Dedicated Expert Guidance

With ZAPTEST ENTERPRISE, you will receive round-the-clock support from our dedicated experts to guide and assist your team in the certified implementation, optimization, and complex troubleshooting stages.

White-Label Solutions

Become a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your Client’s testing needs. Present our services as part of your own, with nothing to identify us but the quality of our work.

ZAPTEST Enterprise

ZAPTEST Enterprise includes state of art RPA Functionality too, in addition to leading full stack software automation. No additional cost, no compromise in functionality – ZAPTEST Enterprise is the only automation tool you’ll ever need to help your clients achieve up to 10 X ROI.

Advantages of Partnering with ZAPTEST

Discover how we can help you achieve success and unlock your full potential
with over 20 years of leading experience in the automation industry.

Buy Once, Use Across Projects

Unlimited ZAPTEST Enterprise licenses for ALL Service Partner clients, regardless of the size and scope of…
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White-Label Services

A full-time ZAP Expert working remotely with your team eliminates the need for additional in-house expertise.
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Highly Competitive Comps

Attractive commissions for Referral Partners and discounts for Service Partners will boost your…
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Innovative Test +
RPA Multi-Task Automation

ZAPTEST enables seamless automation for software testing and RPA, allowing you to address diverse client needs, resulting in less expenditures.
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Cross-Platform Automation for Any UI and API Applications

With ZAP Object Engine (ZOE), automate any UI and API, cross platform, cross application and more. Automation just got easier with ZOE.
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Partnering with ZAPTEST has been a great decision for us. Their advanced technology has given us more options for our clients, and particularly we have seen huge ROI from their unlimited licenses business model which allowed us to cover more clients without spending extra for additional licenses. The flexible approach makes it easy for us to provide top-quality automation services. The support from the ZAPTEST team has made working together a breeze. The dedicated assistance of the full time ZAPTEST experts has greatly benefitted both our organization and our client’s projects in terms of implementation and guidance. We’re proud to be a part of the ZAPTEST team and look forward to a successful future together.

Our partnership with ZAPTEST has been a game-changer. Their boundless Enterprise Edition licenses and devoted experts have empowered us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Being a part of the Service Partner program has provided us with invaluable insights and cutting-edge tools for success. We’re deeply grateful for our collaboration with ZAPTEST and eagerly anticipate a bright, shared future.

Becoming a ZAPTEST Referral Partner has truly elevated our business. The attractive commission structure and unwavering support from the ZAPTEST team make it effortless to share their incredible solutions with others. The exclusive access to marketing resources has also been a significant advantage. We’re thrilled to be part of the ZAPTEST family and look forward to soaring to new heights together.

Our alliance with ZAPTEST has been nothing short of transformative. Their groundbreaking technology, coupled with limitless Enterprise Edition licenses and passionate experts, has opened doors for us to deliver unparalleled automation services. The exclusive access to best practices and cutting-edge tools has proven invaluable in our journey to excellence. We’re thrilled to continue navigating the road to success with ZAPTEST as our trusted partner.

Welcome To ZAPTEST – Your One-Stop-Shop For Advanced Automation Solutions!

Discover the partners we work with and the services we offer to help take businesses to the next level.

System Integrators

Now system integrators can reap the rewards of ZAPTEST's advanced Software Automation and RPA tools.

Experience the ZAPTEST seamless integration with your favorite applications, 1SCRIPT Cross-Platform Task-Agnostic Automation, Computer Vision Technology and full-time ZAP Expert.

With our Enterprise edition you can reach new heights of speed and efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs to achieve up to 10X testing ROI.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

ZAPTEST offers ISVs comprehensive software test automation and RPA tools to accelerate the testing process and improve quality.

Our FREE edition provides basic capabilities while Enterprise Edition delivers advanced features such as unlimited licenses across organization, parallel execution tool (M-RUN) for running multiple scripts on several platforms simultaneously & DOC/FARM technologies that enable remote device management.

All this to help ISVs deliver top-notch testing services.

Enterprise Companies

ZAPTEST provides enterprise solution subscriptions with unlimited licenses
for partners to maximize their software testing processes.

With ZAPTEST you can test on different web browsers & operating systems - Windows, iOS & macOS - achieving higher ROI in the process. Our full time ZAP Expert is available to provide the best support and advice. 

And, no matter how fast you grow, and how much your need for automation grows, your cost will always stay fixed. 

In brief, our unlimited licenses model ensures your cost stays fixed, while our full-time dedicated ZAP expert works alongside your team ensuring you get the highest ROI out of utilizing ZAPTEST.


As an agency, partnering with ZAPTEST means unlocking a world of enhanced
client offerings and delivering high-impact, cost-efficient automation services.

Our solutions are perfect for BPA consultancies, digital transformation, software testing consultancies, re-structuring agencies, business integration agencies, and more. 

By automating business process execution, our RPA technology can help you optimize any kind of business process end-to-end, saving you time and resources while boosting your efficiency and productivity. 

In brief, ZAPTEST Enterprise offers state of art Software Testing Automation & RPA functionality, under a fixed cost (unlimited licenses).


ZAPTEST's advanced automation solutions increase your
value proposition and save you time and resources.


With our state-of-the-art technology, you can serve more clients without the need for extra costs.

Plus, our dedicated ZAP expert is always available remotely to ensure seamless implementation and continuous guidance.

Our white labeled service enables you to target larger clients, compete with the largest testing agencies out there.

Our unlimited licenses allow you to offer additional automation services, adding value to your clients and potential upselling opportunities.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Now Value-Added Resellers (VARs) can take the hassle out of
software testing with ZAPTEST's comprehensive automation and RPA tools.

With our ENTERPRISE edition, VARs get unlimited licenses plus a dedicated full-time ZAP expert to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Enterprise Edition is perfect for larger companies and offers up to 10X ROI in time & money saved through features like:

  • 1SCRIPT Cross-Platform,
  • Any-Task Automation,
  • M-RUN Parallel Execution Tool,
  • DOC Technology
  • FARM Remote Device Management

Enterprise Solution for Software Testing and Business Operation Automation

ZAPTEST is the leading Enterprise software testing and business operation automation (RPA) tool. By skyrocketing efficiency in the software automation process, ZAPTEST will increase your company productivity, reduce costs, and achieve up to 10 X testing ROI.

AI + Computer Vision Technology

AI + Computer Vision: Harnessing the synergy of artificial intelligence and visual perception to automate tasks, enhance security, and unlock new possibilities across diverse industries.
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WebDriver Integration

ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Integration technology allows you to ramp up your testing capabilities by automating interactions with web elements. The result is quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive tests and improved test management.
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ZAPTEST Copilot is an AI-driven functionality integrated into the ZAPTEST platform. It acts as your co-pilot in automation scripting, generating intelligent code snippets that not only save time but also optimize test runs.
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Unlimited Licenses

With ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Solution subscription program, you receive unlimited licenses across the entire organization. Regardless of whether your automation needs increase, your cost remains fixed.
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Task-Agnostic Automation

The cutting-edge solution for streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and achieving automation excellence across industries.
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Full-time ZAP Expert

Full-time ZAP Expert: A dedicated professional proficient in leveraging ZAP technology for seamless automation, optimizing workflows, and boosting productivity.
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FREE & Enterprise Editions

ZAPTEST: Choose from FREE & Enterprise Editions to meet your automation needs. FREE for starters, Enterprise for advanced testing and automation solutions.
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Self-Healing Test Automation

Self-healing test automation through dynamic updates to object selectors by smart object recognition.
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RPA COE Automation

With ZAPTEST, you get a Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence in every level of your organization. You will increase your overall efficiency while reducing human error and manual testing.
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Join ZAPTEST ​partner program

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Unlock the full potential of software automation testing with ZAPTEST’s Partner Program.

As a partner, you will receive access to exclusive resources, support, and opportunities to grow your business.

Whether you’re a consultant, system integrator, value-added reseller, or enterprise company, ZAPTEST has a partner program designed specifically for you.

Become a ZAPTEST partner and enjoy state of art Software Testing Automation, RPA & Full-Time ZAP Expert support.


Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions on software testing automation tools.


ZAPTEST is a leading Enterprise software test automation and RPA tool with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We provide advanced automation solutions that help businesses streamline their testing processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Why partner with ZAPTEST?

Partner with ZAPTEST and take your software testing to the next level! Benefit from unlimited licenses across entire organizations, cost-effective pricing, and a suite of tools and automation capabilities.

ZAPTEST works cross-platform and FARM technology allows you to control cross-environments and projects remotely.

With our help, achieve cost savings while also improving ROI – all while being supported by our team of experts!

Visualize success with ZAPTEST!

What types of partnerships does ZAPTEST support?

ZAPTEST supports two types of partnerships: Referral Partners and Service Partners.

Referral Partners are individuals or companies with a network that could benefit from ZAPTEST, while Service Partners provide top-tier automation services to their clients.

What are the benefits of partnering with ZAPTEST?
  • Generous commission structure for Referral Partners
  • Unlimited ZAPTEST Enterprise licenses for all clients for Service Partners
  • Dedicated and Full-time ZAP expert working remotely alongside your team
  • Vast Opportunities for Cross-Selling and Upselling
  • Appointed cross-discipline certified Zap Expert for Service Partners
  • Best practices and product enablement for Service Partners
How does the ZAPTEST partner program work?

The ZAPTEST partner program is designed to help partners get the most out of the software by providing personalized, step-by-step guidance throughout a 3-step onboarding process.

The first step includes an online Product Demo and introduction to ZAPTEST, followed by a Live POC where partners will manually demonstrate end-user steps for business process automation with assistance from a ZAP Expert.

Lastly, partners can team up with a ZAP Expert for Pilot Projects lasting 1-4 weeks, during which they will use the Enterprise Edition of ZAPTEST to perform a series of automated scripts within the parameters provided.

What is the ZAPTEST Enterprise Solution for Software Automation Testing?

ZAPTEST Enterprise Solution is a comprehensive software automation testing and RPA tool that empowers businesses to optimize their testing processes, boost efficiency, and minimize costs. 

With its unique 1SCRIPT implementation, ZAPTEST allows users to automate any application, API, or UI across platforms, devices, and applications without requiring modification to the code for each platform.

One of the key features of ZAPTEST Enterprise Solution is M-RUN, a powerful parallel execution tool that enables users to run multiple scripts simultaneously across various platforms, significantly improving testing efficiency. 

This capability allows for both mock-up tests and live tests to be conducted in parallel, accelerating the overall testing process.