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Our mission is to optimize our customers testing with ZAPTEST software: start testing any software with only one script for your computer, phone and tablet


ZAPTEST is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform. ZAPTEST allows testing of any UI and API based software on any modern OS, mobile or conventional including iOS; Android; WinMo; Blackberry; Windows; Mac; and Linux, and supports testing of Agile and CI (DevOps) development. ZAP’s main technologies are ZAPTEST and ZAPFARM.

With nearly 20 years industry experience implementing test automation ZAPTEST is optimizing enterprise testing processes that results in increased testing ROI by allowing organizations to reduce time and effort of developing and maintaining testing frameworks.

With ZAPTEST Quality Assurance and Application Development teams can achieve: any Schedule, any Application, any Skill

ZAPTEST is the ultimate solution for DevOps supporting Agile and CI/CD processes and, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as any other software development process.

It can fit into any application delivery schedule and apply to any user skills, novus and advanced test automation engineers.

Enterprises are onboarding ZAPTEST to:

  • Automate testing of ANY software application Cross-Platform
  • Execute with 1 Script on multiple platforms AS-IS
  • Perform pre-development test automation using AUT mockups and Use Cases
  • Develop test documentation with one click
  • Expedite time to regression test execution on multiple workstations and devices at once

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