ZAPTEST CEO’s StarEast 2022 News Desk Interview

Four Essential Steps for Test Automation

Three Main Test Automation Factors

ZAPTEST 1Script Technology


ZAPTEST Mockup-Based Test Automation


ZAPTEST – TEST+RPA Seamless Automation Promo

ZAPTEST – On-Boarding

FARM Private Cloud

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Introduction

ZAPTEST DOC – 1 Script / 1 Click

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Tutorial – Mockups

ZAPTEST – The Game Changer


ZAPTEST – Test Automation Approaches

ZAPTEST UI + API Test Automation


ZAPTEST – G-Mode Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST – Evaluation Promo

600% Productivity Increase

ZAPTEST – Workshop

BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium

ZAPTEST – JIRA Integration

ZAPTEST Rally Integration

ZAPTEST Micro Focus ALM Integration

ZAPTEST – TFS Integration


ZAPTEST – Multilingual

ZAP Agile Methodology and CI

ZAPTEST & CA DevTest Integration

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Citrix Demo

ZAPTEST – Cross Platform Test Automation: Windows and Mac

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Javascript Support

ZAPTEST: Jenkins Integration

ZAPTEST with BrowserStack

ZAP Recorder – Generate Test Automation from Videos

ZAPTEST – M-RUN Overview

ZAPTEST PDF Test Automation

ZAPTEST – Use Case Automation

ZAPTEST API Testing Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST Tutorial – Recorder Feature

ZAPTEST – ZAPX Format Promo

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Prepare Application

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Create Script

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Playback

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Object Recognition Principles

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Prepare Environment

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Execute the Script

ZAPTEST – DOC – Generate Documentation

ZAPTEST – DOC – Integrate Documentation

ZAPTEST – Setup FARM Server

Architectural Foundations of Testing

Today’s modern application testing matrix is full of rising complexities. In order to save time and money and to assure the success of a developed application, test automation teams have to start with the basics. A strong tower requires strong foundations. In this...

Test Automation Best Practices for a Smooth Ride

Test automation can be compared to riding a race car. Just like test automation, a race car is an attractive way of getting where you need to go with the speed of lightning. By the same token, this can be very dangerous if you don’t possess all of the needed skills....

No Instrumentation Needed with zapFARM!

Last week, ZAP technologies hosted a webinar that gave our viewers an in-depth look at one of our market-leading product, zapFARM. In this webinar, we explored the latest features of this product and how it moves our users into the future of real device hosting. With...

Agile Testing in Today’s World

With each passing year, technology puts new pressures on developers. As consumer demand rises and more products become available across the market, companies have to act as quickly and efficiently as possible to stay afloat and gain maximum visibility. Yet, no matter...

Bridge Building for Success with ZAP-fiX!

Building a successful mobile application can be likened to building a perfect bridge to an isolated island. A successful bridge must be able to withstand many pressures from its surroundings, including variables such as climate. Of course, even if the bridge falls, it...

Real Devices – the ZAP Solution

Mobile is the future. The web hosts an endless valley of opportunity. Even though there are already seemingly countless horizons explored on the internet, there are still many more to be discovered. One of these is the frontier called "mobile". Although the word...

The Mobile Application Revolution

The Internet has become a globalized world of communication, information and entertainment. The ability to access the internet and internet resources from pocket devices and providing new levels of mobility, no matter the location, has become an end user expectation...

Top 7 Quality Issues With Mobile Applications

"Is there an app for that?" And more often than not, there is. However, what happens when "an app for that," turns into "don't download that..."? As each new quarter turns out better, stronger, faster smart phones, tablets and computers, so come the better, stronger...