Activate Window Property

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"Activate Window" property in ZAPTEST is applicable to an application object only. This property controls whether or not ZAPTEST must activate application's window before operating with it. Activate Window property can be True or False, and its value can be changed by a user in the Properties panel. Majority of application windows or dialogs must be active in order for ZAPTEST to access their objects. But sometimes there are exceptions. In my test case I need to right-click title of the Explorer window to open Context menu and click on Close. During the scan I need to hold down CTRL key to open the Context menu. Now I can scan the menu using new application object ZAPTEST adds new application object to the objects list, and correctly defines its "Activate Window" property. Its value is False, which means ZAPTEST will not attempt to activate the Menu window during a test run. Now I will add required objects and create test script. When my test script is ready, I will run it and verify ZAPTEST can invoke and operate with the Context menu.

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