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Type "Object" properties name property define the name of the object Text - one of the main properties for the object recognition, application will compare text of the object in repository and in the real application and recognoze object based upon this comparision Precision property based on percentage ratio of matching of the object in the repository and in the real application. Apearance property - Allows to choose either highest matching object or recognize amongst of similar objects by specified order Text Color - allow to set expecting color of the font of the object text. We can also pick text color by color picker. Color tolerance - this parameter define possible text color difference between template and real object Scalability - this property allow to scale of the template object for recognition. Recognition Type - this property describe way of object recognotion. Text Language - define natural language of application under test Relative Object - allow to set parent object for current object Coordinates - define coordinates of the object on the screen For detailed explanation see dedicated video about exact properties

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